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Weekly Updates|4 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 25 March 2022


Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Started tweaking UI flow and design based on modifications to the core JavaScript SDK
– Completed the support for ESC sidechain by ledger hardware
– The core JavaScript SDK has implemented ELA/BTC/ETH compatible key management and address management functions
– In-app browser has improved cache management and provided a clear cache button
– Improved UI for DID credential details display
– Fixed the issue of failing to publish DID
– Fixed the bug of red packet application when switching between mainnet/testnet
– Updated the build toolchain, fixed the problems caused by the tool update, the minimum iOS version is adapted to iOS 13
– Prepared to release v2.5.2 version and conducted internal testing
– Sorted out the problem list and formulated a repair plan based on the security audit results

– Swift/JavaScript SDK has updated the implementation code according to the adjustment of the validation rules of the DID object
– Improved the log implementation of JavaScript SDK, and adjusted and optimized log output
– Implemented the Credential Toolbox prototype for creating application-custom credential types and publishing to the EID sidechain

– The Java SDK has obtained the Node Provider entry directly by parsing the user DID, and optimizes relevant test cases
– Fixed internal issues of Swift SDK and made some improvements
– Corrected and improved Swift SDK related documentation
– Javascript SDK test cases support running on testnet environment
– Updated vault to calculate used storage space
– Node’s scripting mechanism now supports the $(Dollar) symbol in the key
– Node has improved the error handling process when deleting collection
– When the Node database document is inserted, timestamp information such as created/updated is now automatically added
– HiveHub website has added guidance document for deploying Hive Node through Docker
– The HiveHub website has implemented the creation of Backup services and backup functions
– Conducted UI/UX design of HiveHub’s new interface

– Continued development of the Carrier2 DHT module

– Continued to test the process of transitioning from DPoS 1.0 to DPoS 2.0, voting, exchanging tickets, and receiving income, and fixed the problems found
– Added vote renewal lua script support
– Fixed the issue of serialization and deserialization of voting renewal data
– Improved ela-cli command line documentation and fixed found issues

EID Side Chain
– Tried to find the problem that the return result of estimateGas is quite different from the actual consumption

ESC Side Chain
– Tested the dynamic update of the Arbiter node list and fixed issues found
– The layer2 contract has added the function of getting and setting the arbiter node, and added the broadcast event after the node is successfully set
– ESC browser has completed the backup function of contract verification status and other data

Community News

With the latest update to the ELA Wallet, v1.5.0, the core development team behind it is transitioning its focus to Elastos Essentials as the primary wallet application in the ecosystem. https://news.elastos.org/elastos-essentials-to-become-primary-wallet-application-for-elastos-ecosystem/


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