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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 26 August 2022



Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Tested and released version 2.6.1 for both Android/iOS platforms. This release completes support for Ledger Nano X
– Improved support for modifying transaction fees
– Replaced the original SPV/Native SDK with the new JS SDK to provide support for DPoS 2.0
– Improved in-app browser compatibility support
– Improved the implementation of CR related applications according to the new Wallet SDK
– Carried out the development of the customized Essentials home screen feature. The development of basic functions has been completed, and the implementation of UI will be carried out in the future
– Planning for Essentials rebranding
– Fixed the issue that Hive vault was not bound after some users upgraded to 2.6.0
– Fixed the issue that the custom EVM network balance could not be displayed properly
– Fixed the issue that WalletConnect did not keep the session after processing the request when the active network is a non EVM network
– Fixed an issue where the sign-in request would occasionally get stuck after importing DID for DID session management
– Fixed the issue that the testnet failed to publish DIDs using the Assist service

– Optimized the internal implementation of File service and Provider service modules in Hive Node
– Optimized the internal implementation of backup service module in Hive Node
– Cleaned up internal useless code in Hive Node compatible with API v1 version
– File metadata management in Hive Node supported setting and obtaining file encryption information
– Improved Hive JS SDK test cases and increased code coverage
– Implemented front-end File/database data encryption function in JS SDK
– Implemented Hive Node registration contract in HiveHub

– Merged Kad and Secure Kad implementations for DHT Node
– Solved the problem that DHT Node could not receive the value content of Put message again
– Added value key callback parameter in DHT Node’s DonCallback implementation
– Improved the implementation of AnnouncePeer and FindPeers interfaces of DHT Node
– DHT Node used vagrind to find memory leaks or out-of-bounds problems
– Implemented functional verification of DHT Node’s Peer module
– Performed functional verification of Java DHT SuperNode

– Designed the derivation and management scheme from user DID to application DID
– Conducted evaluation and testing of DID encryption support implementations

– Fixed problems found during DPoS 2.0 consensus testing and deployed to Testnet. DPoS 2.0 is an important upgrade of the Elastos main chain consensus, which is conducive to improving the decentralization of the Elastos network and increasing the stability and security of the consensus network.
– Adjusted the transaction structure for withdrawing DPoS 2.0 reward and unstaking from multi-signature accounts, and optimized the workflow for multi-signature accounts to participate in DPoS 2.0 consensus.
– Fixed the problem that the Arbiter node was directly connected to the network abnormally.
– Mainchain and sidechain withdrawal transaction testing using Schnorr signatures.
– Added ESC chain-related configuration items to Lightning Network, and started to encapsulate ESC-related RPC interfaces.

ESC Side Chain
– Deployed ESC nodes that include functions for optimizing block rollback, reorganization logic, and synchronizing consensus state to Testnet for complex environment stress testing.
– Completed the development of ELink’s concurrent query function, and completed the deployment of Testnet. Stress testing is underway. ELink is a decentralized oracle network that allows other smart contracts to securely access data such as identities and credentials on the EID side chain, opening up the data link between DID identity data and dApp applications, and meeting the needs of dApps to obtain DID and credential information.

Community News

We would like to thank Tuum Technologies for all that they have contributed to the Elastos ecosystem over the last four years. If not for their work, the ecosystem would not be what it is today. Read More:


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