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Weekly Updates|3 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 26 February 2021


With an elastOS 2.0 roadmap in the works, the last two weeks included the release of a 2021 outlook for Hive, Carrier, and DID, as well as technical updates across the core development teams. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Planned the roadmap of elastOS v2.0
– Unified Wallet/DID mnemonic import/export process
– Optimized the Layout style of Launcher
– Solved the problem of displaying the amount in elastOS Wallet

– Planned new features of Hive SDK
– Optimized Java/Swift SDK test cases
– Updated Dockerfile in Hive Node to solve pip upgrade problem

– Added test cases for DID 2.0 related functions in Native SDK
– Modified the signature generation algorithm in Java SDK to be consistent with Native SDK
– Implemented the pseudo ID Chain mechanism in Java SDK that is used to test and verify the DID 2.0 on-chain function with Java/Swift/Native SDK
– DIDURL Parser in the Java SDK now supports complete and relative DID URL recognition

– Fixed Travis CI running issues in Native SDK
– Implemented a push service node that can be deployed by developers according to the Uniqush open source solution

– Continued to carry out related tests for consensus degradation to AuxPOW and recovery to DPoS
– Fixed known bugs

DID Side Chain
– Discussed DID 2.0 related requirements
– Improved VerifiableCredential processing logic
– Added VerifiableCredential query interface

ETH Sidechain
– Organized the solution of ETH sidechain to realize DID related functions
– Switched the project’s package management tool from vendor to go module

Elastos Wallet
– Solved the problem in SPV SDK where DID SDK could not create ID transactions and signature verification
– Solved the problem that some situations may cause synchronization to be aborted, and prepared to release the v1.4.9 version of ELA Wallet

Community News

Want to take a look at the upcoming developments plans for the Carrier, Hive, and DID Teams in 2021? Read our new blog post that highlights their exciting plans.


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