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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 26 March 2021


The core development teams are making great strides, with progress on Elastos Essentials and DID 2.0 leading the way.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS Essentials
– Started the development of Elastos Connectivity SDK and related support of Elastos Essentials, and completed the implementation of basic features such as providing different connector options, option memory, etc.
– Completed the integration of the built-in standalone dApp in elastOS to the new Elastos Essentials application
– Improved the navigation and interaction process of the integrated Elastos Essentials UI
– Unified the way the original dApp handles the title bar in Elastos Essentials
– Improved the implementation of logger and standardize its use in Elastos Essentials
– Added multi-language support and standardized processing for merged applications in Elastos Essentials
– Provided a new API to support developers to set the theme, language, etc. of the application
– Organized and cleaned up the refactored Elastos Essentials repos
– Modified the intent implementation mechanism, no longer using a separate WebView to process external intent requests
– Fixed the problem that the UI interface would not update in time after the DID release status was changed during the creation of the local DID of the application
– Fixed the bug of the UI process when the application local DID manager was exporting DID
– Fixed the problem that the Scanner instance would still run in the background after scanning the code
– Fixed other bugs found during development and testing

– Optimized the implementation of HDKey module to meet the development needs of Swift in Native SDK
– Completed the test cases and the functional coverage in Native SDK
– Updated and supplemented API documentation (required for the official release version) in Java SDK
– Completed the simulation ID chain for development and testing, and provided statistical information related to functions and code coverage in Java SDK
– Continued the development of DID 2.0 related features in Swift SDK
– Discussed application scenario requirements and DID implementation plan

– Supported the Pub/Sub function in Poll mode, and added test cases in Hive node
– Tested and verified backup in scenarios such as big data and network anomalies in Java SDK
– Analyzed and located the problem of abnormal data synchronization of the Backup service in Hive node
– Optimized implementation of Java SDK/Swift SDK based on new interface definition
– Refactored and optimized the implementation of obtaining access token through authorization in the Java SDK
– Optimized the implementation of the BackupSubscription/VaultSbuscription module, and added test cases in Java SDK
– Optimized Payment Service module and added test cases in Java SDK
– Optimized the Swift SDK interface and internal implementation based on the Java SDK interface object model

– Improved the implementation of the message push service
– Implemented the Windows-based test verification of the message push SDK
– Supplemented the Push Notification API document and Push Notification Service deployment guide document
– Added Push Notification SDK test cases

– Added small cross-chain transaction broadcasting logic and persistence logic, and conducted self-test
– Sorted out the logic related to data transfer through cross-chain transactions
– Prepared ELA production reduction test documents and submited for testing

DID Sidechain
– Added VerifiableCredential unit tests
– Organized DID certificate related unit tests
– Added unit tests of DID Transfer in the case of single Controller and multiple Controllers
– Added DID 2.0 fee related test cases
– Prepared the test documents for the new DID sidechain developed based on the ETH sidechain
– Submitted the chain id of the new DID sidechain developed based on the ETH sidechain to EVM networks

Elastos Wallet
– Added support for the new DID sidechain developed based on the ETH sidechain in SPV SDK


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