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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 27 August 2021


The elastos.org website got a fresh update as the core development teams progressed with their own fresh updates.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released Android platform hotfix version v2.1.3 and iOS platform hotfix version v2.1.1
– Supported notification of Wallet Connect
– Improved the session management of Wallet Connect, improved stability and usability, and upgraded WalletConnect connector to the latest stable version
– Upgraded and deployed WalletConnect bridge to the latest stable version
– Supported setting home screen
– Added the built-in browser through JS to provide the basic functions of Essentials
– Supported backup and restoration of locally unpublished DID credentials
– Modified the development tool chain and improved firebase support
– Made some UI/UX improvements in the wallet based on user feedback
– Located and fixed the issue of high CPU/battery consumption under certain conditions in the iOS version

– Because of the minified issue, the Jackson-js annotation-based object serialization and implementation was removed from the JavaScript SDK and rebuilt the serialization implementation plan. At present, the development has been completed, and it has been verified that minification is working properly. The code will be merged and fully verified in the future
– Removed ANTLR’s DID/URL parsing from the Javascript SDK, and implemented parsing with reference to Java
-Made some improvements and optimizations in the DID synchronization implementation in the Swift SDK by referring to the Java SDK
– Swift SDK now supports verification and Java SDK DID import and export compatibility
– Analyzed and located the Swift SDK on the iOS platform whereby the user in the UK encountered the problem of abnormal time processing
– Added test sample files exported by DID store in the Java SDK, and added compatibility test cases; other SDKs need to be tested for compatibility in the future
– Improved test data, strengthened test dimensions and coverage, and strengthened compatibility and consistency testing between different SDKs from the perspective of test samples; Performed compatibility tests in Native and Swift SDK based on new test data samples, and fixed a number of compatibility problem
– Swift/Native SDK are updated synchronously, and the completeness of the Java SDK is modified
– Analyzed the issue of invalid DID documents on the EID sidechain, and developed recovery tools, ready to deploy to didutil.trinity-tech.io
– Completed command line tools in the Java SDK according to internal development needs

– Improved Hive Node V2 interface documentation, including Files/Scripting/Subscription/Backup Restful APIs
– Optimized the implementation of Hive Node back-end scripting anonymous parameter access data
– The new version of Hive Node recovery supports mongodb atlas remote service deployment
– Fixed the space occupied by vault display in previous versions of Hive node
– Continued to implement Hive Node using IPFS nodes to store file data
– Modified the scripting module based on IPFS network file storage
– Modified the Backup module based on IPFS network file storage
– Aligned the implementation of the Swift SDK by referring to the Java SDK, and solved the internal problems found

– Implemented the message transmission from the sidechain to the main chain through the output payload of the withdrawal transaction to meet the needs of transmitting information from the sidechain to the main chain
– Optimized the schnorr signature logic of the withdrawal transaction, added a malicious handling mechanism, and improved the security of cross-chain withdrawal transactions
– Continued to conduct research on Lightning Network
– Fixed the problem where the direct connection network of Arbiter nodes could not be established

EID Sidechain
– Sorted the data in the DID document in ascending alphabetical order of ID, and added the parameter DocArraySortHeight to configure the height at which the function is enabled
– Fixed the problem of EID browser found in the test. The browser will be launched after the test is passed, and users can view transactions and DID data on the EID chain through the browser

ESC Side Chain
– Completed the security audit of the ESC side chain
– Continued to develop and test Layer 2 cross-chain related functions


elastos.org got a fresh update, featuring new content and design.

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