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Weekly Updates|7 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 27 March 2020


The last two weeks saw the elastOS app for Android hit 30,000 installs with 8,000 active installs while the latest edition of Exploring elastOS focused on the plan and future for iOS.

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Completed browser mode improvements on Runtime
– Adjusted Launcher UI / UX to make the user experience more browser-based
– Adaptation of the new Launcher UI for different models
– Runtime now provides global preferences API, and supports network switching through reorganization API
– Added CR voting related interface for SPV plugin
– Discussed decentralized dApp distribution model
– Added developer mode for elastOS app
– Added FaceID support
– Updated dApp templates
– Updated built-in dApps to support new UI layouts
– Fixed the problems found during the internal beta of the new version
– Fixed several trinity-cli bugs

– Added method to calculate DID address from root public key for three versions of DID SDK
– Added DID resolver cache to improve resolve efficiency on Native SDK
– Improved internal implementation details on Swift SDK and maintained compatibility with Native and Java SDK
– Optimized DID Storage implementation on Swift SDK
– Added a method to get all update history of DID on Java SDK
– Improved compatibility with older versions on Java SDK
– Discussed SDK’s support interface for JWT signing and verification, planned to support built-in JWT signature verification via SDK
– Updated DID Resolver specification and added method definition for compound query

– Completed elastOS-based Hive Plugin Swift / iOS platform verification
– Developed a release plan for the new version of Hive SDK (Native / Java / Swift version)
– Discussed Hive’s solution for semi-structured data storage services

– Continued to modify and optimize the WebRTC SDK and Demo applications
– Ready to release the new version of Carrier Native SDK-v5.5, prepared for subsequent Carrier Android / iOS new release
– Completed verification of Carrier Plugin’s Carrier multi-instance modification on Android platform
– Started verifying Carrier multi-instance modification on Carrier Plugin for iOS
– Completed a bugfix that the Carrier Plugin could not obtain the information of the previously joined Groups in the persistent Group function on the Android platform
– Continued to develop feeds dApp applications based on elastOS; released an internal version for verification and further UI / UX optimization
– Supported and resolved some bugs found by community members using Carrier Plugin (Carrier JS interface)

– Added support for normal and abnormal testing of multiple types of proposal transactions on Test framework
– Added support for cross-domain access control on RPC API
– Fixed bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
– Ran Unit tests through the Petersburg upgrade and fixed all the found bugs

Elastos Wallet
– Completed the function of recharging to the ETH sidechain on SPV SDK
– Started development work supporting ETH sidechain
– Completed the development of Android platform v1.4.2, which will be released after completion of testing
– Completed DID related function development on iOS platform

Tuum Team Update

* Actively monitoring elastOS user experience, preparing for iOS release, and responding to user reviews.
* Continued growth strategy for elastOS users and reached 30,000+ installs milestone with 8,000+ active installs.
* Ongoing updates with Academy dApp – currently working on lobby chat feature.
* Ongoing updates with Hyper chat for elastOS – beginning bi-weekly meetings between Hyper, Tuum and Trinity teams starting next week to enhance coordination and consistent architecture.
* Completed UI/UX update for next elastOS version to be sent to iOS for review.
* New Q2 project proposals complete and awaiting approval: DID Publishing dApp and KYC dApp.
* Smartweb Services and Nucleus Console updated to latest versions in production – implemented client server interaction with Smartweb Services using JWT for more secure transfer of data.
* Redesigned elastOS dApp dashboard for Nucleus Console.
* Nucleus Console: Researching integrating Android emulator directly onto the browser to be used for running dApps directly

KP Woods breaks down the previous Elastos Bi-Weekly Update.


Cyber Republic

The Elastos Foundation has released a statement regarding the upcoming CRC election process: https://news.elastos.org/crc-schedule-update/

The CR Interim Council reconvened for their weekly meetings to discuss Suggestions:
Mar 04: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/03/16/cr-interim-council-conference-call-march-04-2020/
Mar 11: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/03/20/cr-interim-council-conference-call-march-11-2020/

Community News

In the latest installment of “Exploring elastOS,” we share what’s ahead for the app, including a focus on the next upgrade for Android and the first iOS release. news.elastos.org/exploring-elas

March 10

 Feng Han attended a sharing session hosted by the Budao community and shared his thoughts on Wealth of Nations Powered by Blockchain. Feng said, ” Wealth is not a thing, but a global consensus. To form a new global wealth consensus with big data is a task that needs to be addressed urgently. The new internet of Elastos provides the most basic technical support for a new wealth consensus to enable data to become everyone’s asset in the future.”

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