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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 28 August 2020


As Elastos celebrated its 3-Year Anniversary, it was a busy two weeks for the Foundation that included an Anniversary AMA Livestream featuring Rong Chen and several team leaders,  the release of Feeds (Decentralized Social Media) Capsule, a Rong Chen op-ed published in CoinTelegraph, and update videos from both the Tuum Technologies and CR Regions teams.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Released elastOS version 1.2.4 to provide operating platform support for the release of Feeds dApp
– Continued to implement the Wallet dApp based on the new UI/UX design of the new version, including transaction intents such as ETH and DID
– Based on the progress of the ETH sidechain, supported and improved the Wallet Plugin (under development)
– Added support for sharing functions for designated dApps on Capsule Marketplace
– Permission Manager can now display the complete content through the pull-down operation when there are more displays in the Popup window
– Integrated Permission Manager on the desktop version of Trinity
– Integrated the Carrier Plugin module on the desktop version of Trinity that is dependent on the latest Carrier SDK-v5.6.3
– Fixed the sorting problem of dApp items under different language settings in Capsule Settings
– Fixed the display problem that the Recent capsule icon was squeezed when the Launcher showed more dApp items
– Solved the problem of not deleting dApp data when deleting dApp
– Solved the problem that may exist when DID dApp continuously publishes different DID documents
– Solved the problem that the DID Session module cannot be imported into Mnemonic normally on the Android 7 platform
– Solved some interface display and internal logic problems of Wallet dApp

– Continued to evaluate DID v2.0 technical specifications
– Evaluated the new version of DID authentication process plan
– Supported upper-level applications to export KeyPair through application ID and secret code to facilitate application derivation and avoid conflicts
– The new tool application of DID Native SDK now supports checking the legality/validity of DID documents and certificates
– DID Native SDK internally replaced cJSON dependency with Jansson library with more community support
– Completed the port development of DID Native SDK on the Windows platform, and currently supports running on the Windows platform
– Improved the legality/validity check of DID documents before internal release of PublishDID interface

– Improved the definition of Hive-related service interfaces
– Optimized the implementation of the JWT token acquisition process when signing-in to the back end of Hive Node on Java SDK, and the implementation of other API interface calls
– Implemented the Database Query Builder module on front-end Hive Java SDK
– Started coding to implement the DID Sign-in process on Swift SDK
– Optimized the Mongodb RPC interface of Hive Node according to the requirements of the front-end Hive SDK
– Improved the Docker image production of the back-end Hive Node, and started using the image to deploy the test/development environment

– Optimized the problem of the timeout period waiting for the receiving confirmation from the peer. This problem may occur when sending online big data messages (more than 1M) through Carrier
– Optimized the implementation of offline message sending mechanism, the application can use this sub-function module through optional configuration according to product design
– Solved the internal CMake dependency of Carier Native and some memory leaks
– Solved the problem that FileTransfer in Carrier Plugin fails to transfer files larger than 10K in size
– Improved the WebRTC iOS SDK version and updated the Android version simultaneously, realizing the interconnection of WebRTC applications on the two platforms
– The community development team released Feeds dApp v1.0.1, which can be downloaded and used from the CapsuleManager of elastOS
– The community development team has open sourced the Feeds dApp / Feeds service, and the relevant code has been published to https://github.com/elastos-trinity
– The community development team added a follower reward function to the Feeds dApp
– The community development team optimized the preview function of the post picture of the Feeds dApp, supported zooming in/out of the picture, and clicking on the picture to exit the preview
– The community development team optimized the UI/UX Flow synchronization experience during the binding process of the Feeds service
– The community development team supplemented and improved the multilingual resources in the Feeds dApp
– The community development team continued to implement the function of supporting Feeds dApp to update the description information of Feeds/Feeds Source
– The community development team verified the production and deployment of the Feeds Service Docker image

– Completed the development of related functions that support cryptoname on the web wallet
– Completed the development of new transaction types such as “replacement of the owner of the proposal” on the blockchain browser
– Troubleshooted and fixed some modules with data race data competition
– Fixed the issue that some transaction fees of the blockchain browser were displayed as 0
– Fixed other issues found in the closed beta

DID Side Chain
– Added verification of DIDDocument signature on the node side
– Added verfiableCredential document structure analysis and signature verification
– Completed the storage and rollback of all transactions of each block in one transaction
– Adjusted MongoDB data structure according to DID function requirements
– Added progress bar display and supported exit during data migration
– Added RPC interface that supports general query
– Added RPC interface for rollback test
– Fixed the problem that the connection speed is too slow after startup

ETH Side Chain
– Continued to conduct complex anomaly testing of consensus switch from POA to DPoS
– Maintained stress test environment
– Fixed an issue that may cause block production to stop temporarily under certain circumstances
– Sorted out abnormal test cases and started integration tests

Elastos Wallet
– Added the function of resetting payment password through mnemonic phrase on SPV SDK
– Continued the development of synchronizing block headers and transactions in a decentralized manner on SPV SDK
– Fixed the problem that the ETH event callback does not trigger on SPV SDK
– Completed the new version of proposal withdrawals, committees claiming DPOS nodes and other transaction interfaces on SPV SDK
– Sorted out multi-signature functional test cases and continued related tests

Tuum Team Update

* Designs have been implemented for getDIDs.com and mnemonics functionality is complete.
* As Hive++ development continues for HyperIM the UI/UX design and branding updates are also underway.
* DID migration has started and Carrier plugin implementation for elastOS Desktop is complete.
* HyperIM has been implemented for elastOS Desktop.
* Completed background service on notifying users if a request has been approved, rejected, or cancelled on Vouch.
* elastOS Identity background service has been built to check if any of the verifiable credentials are about to expire or almost complete. Plus, warning added for users if they attempt to edit a verified credential almost complete.
* UI/UX design screens for verifiable credentials are being built.
* Continued discussions and development of UI/UX for Feeds.
* Tuum Technologies presentation published.

Community News

Elastos Founder, Rong Chen, published an article on CoinTelegraph titled: ‘Five Defining Features to Build the New Generation Internet’

Link: https://cointelegraph.com/news/five-defining-features-to-build-the-new-generation-internet

The Feeds capsule for elastOS is now available on the capsule marketplace.
– Direct download if you have elastOS installed: https://scheme.elastos.org/app/?id=io.trinity-tech.dapp.feeds
– Otherwise, start the capsule marketplace in elastos and get Feeds.
– Guide to run a feeds source and publish content: https://www.trinity-tech.io/feeds.html
– To find your first feeds sources, scan QR codes there as well: https://www.trinity-tech.io/feeds.html

The Orchard Team moderates Founder Rong Chen, VP of Development Clarence Liu, Tuum Tech Development Lead Kiran Pachhai, Hyper Project Lead Peter Strauss, and Elastos Engineer Lead Jingyu Niu for a 3-Year Anniversary AMA. Topics include Defi on Elastos, elastOS app, DIDs, Ethereum Sidechain, enterprise adoption, current development roadmap, Hyper P2P chat app, and more.

With the Elastos 3-Year Anniversary now behind us, the Info Team kicked off a new video series that will provide updates from across the Founding Teams. The series kicked off with Tuum Technologies and a presentation from team lead Donnie Bullers.

The second video in our update series comes from the CR Regions Team led by Clarence Liu. As the main business development team of the ecosystem, this update includes plans for formal marketing, DeFi, B2B, and exchange listings.

August 15

Feng Han participated in the 2020 International Digital Economy Ecological Summit held in Ganzhou. Feng spoke on how blockchain will bring wealth to our country and people, and the free market is actually a distributed computing system that is comparable to the “Turing machine”.  The privatization of data makes data become wealth, and China’s digital economy will usher in a new digital wealth.

August 17

The DeFi Digital Financial Breakthrough online forum co-sponsored by Block Finance, JRR Crypto, and HALO officially launched. Feng Han attended the online forum where he said, “The current popularity of DeFi is an inevitable stage of the development of blockchain wealth consensus. DeFi will become the ignition point for this year’s market. The financial market will not be created without liquidity. A broad financial consensus is needed to realize the digital economy.”

August 22

Rong Chen and Feng Han were invited to participate in the Elastos third anniversary online celebration held by the Chinese community.

Rong Chen: Elastos is doing the Tier Two network, and Crypto projects such as ETH World Computer, Web3.0 (Polkadot), DeFi and IPFS are Tier One. Tier One cannot be directly used by consumers. What Elastos is doing is a P2P smart Internet that ordinary people can use to communicate with each other

Feng Han: We have seen signs of a bull market. It is more and more obvious that DeFi and decentralized storage will become the business opportunity for the next bull market. All of these projects are moving toward the same mission of Data Capitalization.

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