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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 28 February 2020


The Elastos Foundation released its End of Year Report this week, highlighting the progress of individual teams in 2019 and providing an outlook on 2020 milestones. 

Also, the Exploring elastOS Series published an article on the DID dApp and the app itself got an upgrade to version 1.0.1

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
-Released elastOS v1.0.1
-Improved Runtime and Launcher for iOS version and related functions aligned with Android version
-Developed iOS version plugin
-Completed support for an Html5-based game engine which can be used to develop Html5-based game dApps
-Designed UI / UX for new launcher
-Designed intent implementation of silent mode
-Designed the implementation of Trinity background service
-trinity-cli provides productization option support
-Assist community developers to release a new Red Packet dApp
-Runtime improvements and bug fixes
-Fixed some issues with fingerprint plugin on specific models
-Maintenance updates on existing DApps

-Updated the synchronization strategy of DIDStore and IDChain to support conflict modification of local modification
-Improved DID publish process, strengthened and supported fault tolerance and robustness
-Supported multi-instance DID adapter, can now use different winding methods in a unified process
-Replaced incompatible BIP dependent libraries on Java SDK
-Continued the development of Swift and Native SDK

-Internal optimization of Hive Java SDK to improve the quality of implementation code
-Debugging by comparing the interface behavior results of Java SDK and Native SDK; keeping the consistency of the interface results after calling different versions
-Wrote Hive Swift SDK with reference to the interface defined by Java SDK
-Wrote Hive Swift SDK test case set and updated external interface
-Completed Trinity-based Hive Plugin Android version development and debugging

-Improved the Carrier WebRTC SDK interface to try to keep the interface consistent with the original Carrier API
-Verification of different network environments for message communication between Feeds Service and simulated Feeds Client
-Based on the requirements of Trinity, the Carrier instance in the Carrier Plugin needs to be created for multiple instantiations. At present, the Carrier Java SDK has been modified.

-Fixed the problem that some nodes are out of sync due to database errors
-Optimized node memory usage
-Continued CR test

DID Side Chain
-Optimized the information display page of Payload and DID Document on DID Blockchain Browser

ETH Side Chain
-Completed the transfer function between mainchain and sidechain with version 1.9.0

Elastos Wallet
-iOS code has been open sourced on Github
-Continued to develop DID related functions

Tuum Team Update

• Began monitoring elastOS Google Play store reviews and updated app description.
• Continued growth strategy for elastOS users and reached 10,000+ installs milestone with 3,500 active installs.
• Released v1.2.1 of Academy dApp inside elastOS.
• Discussed collaboration with Hyper on messenger application for elastOS.
• Officially launched update to elastos.academy
• Initial strategy discussion to increase exposure to Ionic Framework developers.
• Completed designs for Elastos Foundation EOY report.
• Completed designs for Elastos Foundation Financial report.
• Redesigned Login feed page and fixed elastOS DID login bugs on Nucleus Console.
• Converted Nucleus login page to popup for better UX.
• Integrated test framework for front end and back end on Nucleus Console.

Cyber Republic

The CR Interim Council reconvened for their weekly meetings on the 12th and 19th of February to discuss Suggestions 
Feb 12: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/02/26/crc-conference-call-february-12/
Feb 19: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2020/02/28/cr-interim-council-conference-call-february-19-2020/

The democratically elected Inaugural CRC Elections run through March 31st. Elected candidates will lead and shape the global community and the future of the new internet Elastos is building. Thinking of running? Read here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/12/20/cyber-republic-council-elections-commence/

Community News

– The Elastos Foundation is pleased to share our End of Year Report, covering the progress of our decentralized teams from Feb 2019 through Jan 2020 while also giving an outlook on the year ahead. https://news.elastos.org/end-of-year-report-2019/

The second installment of our Exploring elastOS Series focuses on the DID dApp. Both developers and elastOS users can explore the clear advantages of decentralized identity and how DIDs are essential in connecting the entire Elastos ecosystem. https://news.elastos.org/exploring-elastos-the-did-dapp/

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