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Weekly Updates|4 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 28 January 2022


With Lunar New Year just around the corner, Red Packets have arrived on Elastos Essentials. There are also important updates on the Rosetta API, and there was a fantastic presentation on Elastos Essentials at the Web3 Conference all in this edition of the EF Bi-Weekly Technical Update.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released the v2.5.0 version for Android/iOS, which added the red envelope function
– Released v2.4.3 for Android/iOS that fixed bugs found in testing and some user experience optimizations
– Supported sorting subaccounts by balance
– Transaction records now supports to display internal transactions
– Improved the processing flow of the intent response
– Fixed incorrect display of BTC and Polygon balances
– Improved the processing and display of multilingual identity information in the Identity dApp
– Improved UI rendering of preserved DID proposals in CR Proposals dApp
– Fixed platform compatibility issue with Android platform in-app browser
– Fixed kyc-me community feedback issues
– Fixed other issues reported by the community and testing of the integrated version

– Native/Swift SDK has completed test cases for EID sidechains
– JavaScript/Swfit/Java has performed Unicode Normalize on the serialization results of all DID objects, unified them into NFC format, and added related use cases to verify EID sidechain processing
– JavaScript SDK has updated the latest JWT dependencies to solve compilation problems
– Native SDK has added sample code for documentation

– Published Javascript SDK 2.4.0 for use by Feeds
– Javascript SDK has enabled Hive owner to obtain statistical information such as Vault, and added test cases for verification
– Javascript SDK has solved the problem of incomplete binary image data downloaded using the scripting interface
– Javascript SDK has added test case to verify Vault backup/restore function
– Fixed other bugs inside Javascript SDK
– Developed HiveHub website UI/UX and integrate Vault subscription creation and destruction functionality
– HiveHub website has implemented the function of registering and destroying vaults

– Continued work on the Rosetta API and completed the development of the construction module
– Created rosetta-cli data test data, tested each module, and fixed the problems found
– Discussed cross-chain solutions in the case of asset pledge

EID Side Chain
– EID browser has developed customized DID and certificates and other related functions for new transactions

ESC Side Chain
– Solved the problem caused by multiple open source protocols in layer2 contract code
– Modified the type of chainID in the cross-chain contract to solve the adaptation problem with other environments
– Added the logic of contract registration and cancellation to the cross-chain contract, and added related test code
– The bridge has added the configuration parameter startBlock, which is used to set the height at which to start synchronizing data
– Added api interface to get and collect arbiter list and signature from nodes
– Wrote layer2 development documentation

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Fixed an issue that could cause a crash during sync
– Fixed the API interface problem of registering sidechain proposals and applying to reserve customized DID proposals


Kiran Pachhai presented for 30 minutes on the Elastos Essentials Wallet at the Web3 Conference. View the presentation slides here: https://www.trinity-tech.io/3f78f05fcc72f/Elastos-Essentials-at-the-web3-conference-final.pdf

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