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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 29 January 2021


With updates across the Founding Teams, catch up on all the technical developments in this edition of the Bi-Weekly Update.

Technical Dynamics

– Released elastOS Android v1.3.5
– Simplified the process of initializing DID and Hive for new users
– Upgraded Hive SDK, and supported scripting interface call parameters in anonymous mode
– Trinity Native added a built-in simplified DID dApp for managing DIDs
– Added support for Trinity Native’s built-in DID export to elastOS
– Improved Trinity Native application’s built-in DID dApp integration and UX
– Improved Trinity-CLI to better support the construction of large applications
– Improved DID dApp’s support for third-party applications, and adjusted the intent interface
– Improved the display of dApp information in the Settings page
– Assist team provided DID creation REST API for dApps
– Developed the function of using QR Code for mnemonic backup
– Trinity Desktop supports re-enabling the latest DIDSession on start
– Developed Capsule Management for Trinity Desktop
– Updated dependency libraries and cleaned up obsolete dependencies
– Completed the translation and localization of the new page
– Fixed an issue that occasionally caused a crash during DID sign-out
– Analyzed community problem reports and fixed reported bugs

– Hive Node optimized Vault Service data backup and migration module implementation
– Hive Node Backup module service entrance URL name adjustment
– Hive Node improved the service configuration process, this now coordinates with multiple Hive Node service nodes to verify backups and other functions, and integrates them into Travis CI
– Hive Node solved an internal issue calculating the amount of storage space used by Vault
– Hive Node interface standardized the use of HTTP Status codes, and reporting to the client
– Supplemented the HTTP Status code list under abnormal conditions in the Hive Node APIs interface documentation
– Wrote scripts to build Hive Node nodes by Docker for reference by community developers
– Java/Swift SDK released a new release version, the Scripting interface now supports handling of anonymous parameters
– Scripting Anonymous access authorization data testing and verification, and improvements based on the test results
– Java SDK implemented Vault’s Backup/Restore and migration functional interfaces, and supplemented test case verification
– Java SDK optimized the internal file/method naming of test cases to increase code readability
– Swift SDK internal code optimization and interface documentation supplement
– Swift SDK implemented Vault’s Backup/Restore and migration functional interface

– Native SDK & Java SDK – turned Private Identity from DIDStore into an independent type object
– Native SDK prepared for DID 2.0 store structure optimization
– Native SDK optimized the Credential object to directly perform the Declare/Revoke processing flow
– Native SDK optimized the DIDDocument object to directly perform Publish/Deactivate/Transfer processing flow, and synchronously updated the corresponding test cases
– Native SDK supported exporting all dependent static libraries to the target directory when compiling, for upper-level applications to use static libraries
– Java SDK updated the storage structure of DIDStore to meet the requirements of DID 2.0
– Java SDK and Native SDK updated the declare and update process of DID and credentials simultaneously
– Java SDK refactored test data and test methods to maintain the compatibility test of the V1 version
– Supplemented new DID 2.0 related test cases, and modified supplementary test cases for DID SDK implementation

– Carrier Native implemented a centralized and manageable group module, which is ready for experimental demonstration
– Carrier Native SDK solved travis CI verification problem
– Carrier Native SDK optimized the symbol management of internal module libcrystal to reduce the possibility of symbol conflicts with other open source libraries during static library linking

– SPV added support for reorganizing the storage of Customized ID related proposals
– RPC interface added the information of new proposal transactions and degraded AuxPOW related transactions’ payload
– Resuming DPoS consensus transactions now adds the height of RevertToPOWBlockHeight, which is used to correspond to multiple degraded and restored transactions to prevent degraded transactions from being packaged by different blocks in the case of forks
– Continued to carry out related tests for consensus degradation to AuxPOW and recovery to DPoS
– Conducted compatibility tests and fix known bugs

DID Side Chain
– Discussed the DID 2.0 specification implementation plan
– Supported Customized ID reservation, activation and basic rate change
– Constructed data to test ReserveCustomizedID proposal transaction function

ETH Side Chain
– Performed cross-chain recharge transaction stress test and located the problems found
– Fixed the issue that some recharge transactions could not be received
– Performed an environmental adaptation, contract test, and basic function test of the ETH Sidechain browser
– Solved the problem that some transaction input of ETH side chain browser cannot be resolved
– Research into improving UX on ETH Sidechain browser account page functions

Elastos Wallet
– Released of ELA Wallet iOS v1.4.8 and Android v1.4.8.1
– SPVSDK has completed the development of the P2P data synchronization mode function, supporting two modes of “speed priority” or “decentralization priority”
– SPVSDK updated node processing rules and temporarily adds nodes that cannot establish a connection to the connection blacklist

Community News

ELA Wallet iOS and Android Version 1.4.8 Update Announcement

This version of ELA Wallet for contains the following upgrades:
1. General Bug Fixes

-As always, before upgrading to the newest version of ELA Wallet, please make sure to back up your wallet private keys.

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ela-wallet/id1453348077
Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.android


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