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Weekly Updates|11 MIN. READ

Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 30 August 2019


This week Elastos celebrated its 2 year Anniversary with a team building trip in China and Cyber Republic celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary with the release of the CRC Whitepaper Version 1.0. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Trinity :
– Optimized Launcher’s UI and user experience
– Updated Trinity Toolchain
– Fixed issue where sign_epk and verify_epk didn’t work on python3
– Compiled script to automatically download Elastos Hive SDK
– Replaced 14 plugins, switched from Trinity modified version to Cordova native version and solved problems of instantiation and isolation by Runtime
– Upgraded the newly released SPV SDK (in progress)
– Improvement and optimization of Hive Plugin

Hive Native SDK:
– Fixed a bug where the storage backend (OneDrive/IPFS) created a 0 byte file
– Released native SDK first version v0.5.0
– The Hive SDK-based cloud disk virtual file system application hybrid (command line tool) has been completed
Hive Java SDK:
– Fixed bug getting file attributes
– Implemented Hive SDK-based Android file browser application, currently verifying the IPFS backend, basic file/directory creation, and file uploading
Hive Swift SDK:
– Improved code and implementation logic and fixed some bugs
– Fixed a bug where 0 byte file was being created on the remote cloud disk (OneDrive/IPFS) and added the corresponding test case
– Developed Hive Swift-based iOS browser application with reference to UI/UE for Android file browser application

– Improved implementation of the complementary Native version

– Fixed some bugs about group and released a new version of Carrier Swift v5.3.4
– Carrier Android version master branch has merged the changes to the Message interface; now submitting test cases PR
– Developed a simple Android Demo app for verifying offline messaging

Product Group:
– Auxiliary ETH sidechain node Mainnet deployment
– SPV wallet original page bugfix, followed up v1.0.2 SPV wallet test and preparing to go online
– SPV wallet new feature design (external payment, security verification, etc.)
– DPoS candidate list load balancing server matters follow up
– Optimized and improved CR proposal business design
– Completed the interaction design of the main chain browser, page error design
– ela-cli now supports the feasibility of sidechain function
– Discussed multi-sign multi-address derivation rules, currently two wallets will generate multi-signal addresses according to bip45 and web wallet rules respectively
– Prepared relevant documentation for the missing blockchain related content on the dev website
– Defined the Elastos Schema specification
– Discussed the basic technical framework of Carrier, Hive, Trinity, project status and subsequent development content
– Discussed DID specifications, SDK development progress and subsequent development tasks, and interface relationships such as DID-related main sidechains, CR elections, and CR websites
– Discussed the progress of the Eco Application Group project and follow-up planning

Wallet Update

The Elastos Blockchain Development Team has upgraded the ELA Wallet. Version 1.3.1 is now available for download for iOS and Version 1.0.2 is now available for Android.

This update includes:
1. Optimized wallet startup speed;
2. Fixed two bugs that caused the app to crash;
3. Optimized system compatibility with previous versions;
4. Optimized the English translation content;
5. Optimized interface UI details.

Note: Please make sure your wallet mnemonic has been backed up before upgrading to the new version.

iOS download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elastos-wallet/id1453348077?ls=1&mt=8

Android download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.android

Elastos Developer Workshop #4: Ethereum Sidechain Part 1

Wednesday, Sep 4th, 5:00 PM UTC
Livestream Link: https://youtu.be/UAJ5jTINCck
Github Link: https://github.com/cyber-republic/developer-workshop/tree/master/2019-09-04
– Set up your Private Net
– Intro to Ethereum Sidechain
– Transfer ELA from main chain to ETH Sidechain
– Interact with Ethereum Sidechain using RPC methods
– Interacting with Management APIs
– Managing Accounts: Create accounts, import wallets, list accounts and check balances
– Connect to Ethereum Sidechain testnet
– Deploy a simple Ethereum Smart Contract

DX Team Update

• September tactical plan complete.
• Elastos DID Auth using Python ready for Elastos Academy.
• Elastos Academy optimized for SEO.
• Reviewed and styled Bi-Annual Financial Report.
• 5 Minute Auth video demo filmed for Elastos Academy.
• Ethereum landing page created for advertising A/B testing.
• All Workshops page created for Elastos Academy.
• Elastos Console MVP completed with demo at GMU testbed.

Cyber Republic

The Elastos Foundation and Cyber Republic are honored to share Version 1.0 of the CRC Whitepaper. Please provide your comments and feedback by emailing crc-whitepaper@elastos.org 

Read the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/08/27/biweekly-update-aug-26th/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, including the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News


2 years ago Elastos set out to build a new internet that is safer, smarter, and completely decentralized. Happy Anniversary to the entire global community!

A separate article will be released recapping the highlights of the team bonding trip in China. 

August 17

Clarence Liu gave a speech in Hong Kong at BitWork Asia along with special guests from IPFS and Genesis Block HK.


Singapore – September 11 – 12

Elastos will be sponsoring and exhibiting with a booth at Invest Asia 2019.

“Invest: Asia is an exploration of the people and topics driving this market. CoinDesk is thrilled to be returning as a partner to TechXLR8 Asia by co-locating Invest: Asia with 5G Asia, IoT World Asia, NV&SDN, the AI Summit and Project Kairos Asia September 11-12, 2019 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center. With a dynamic expo floor, a special Asia edition of CoinDesk Live and plentiful networking opportunities, Invest: Asia will further explore how Asian crypto markets function and impact the world at large.”

For more information: https://www.coindesk.com/events/asia-2019

Malta – Nov 07 – 08

Elastos will be exhibiting with a booth at the Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit in November.

“The Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit has secured its place on the global tech calendar as the premier platform for companies to exhibit, network and engage in debate. More than 14,000 exhibitors, investors, suppliers, and thought leaders have come together, forged new partnerships, and sealed lucrative business deals.

The third edition of the summit takes place on 7 to 8 Nov 2019, offering more networking, more high quality content, and more business opportunities. 

The AIBC Summit offers additional opportunities through a number of global satellite events and networking dinners, as well as producing a bi-annual publication and news site packed full of in-depth interviews and articles, bringing brand exposure and visibility to companies looking for a place to show the world what they do best. The variety of content offerings also provide a launch-pad for thought leaders keen to be a part of the conversation in this fast-paced industry.”

For more information: https://maltablockchainsummit.com/

Useful links:

Elastos Academy

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

Developer Portal in Cyber Republic

Developer Documentation on Github

Elastos Community

Cyber Republic Forums


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