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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 30 July 2021


The last two weeks saw the much anticipated release of Elastos Essentials 2.1 for Android.

Read the full release and all the core development team updates in below.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Essentials
– Released the Android version of Essentials v2.1.0. This version has a new design from the UI to the underlying code, which comprehensively improves the user experience of Wallet, DID and other functions.
– Added support for current network and ability to switch network to maintain the user experience of multi-chain support similar to metamask, facilitating users to switch in multiple environments.
– Completed the UI/UX integration of CR related functions, and improved the multilingual resources of DPoS Voting to meet the needs of multilingual user groups.
– Assist API added testnet support to meet the functional requirements of publishing/updating DID on testnet in development mode.
– Supported automatic detection of JPG/PNG format for avatars.
– Updated the xcode toolchain to v12 to support iOS 14.
– The wallet now supports the display of the ERC Token symbol.
– Tested and verified the iOS version and fixed bugs.

– Java SDK added a new interface for obtaining detailed verification path and information when verifying DID objects
– Java SDK changed to manually implement DID/DIDURL parsing, and removed the dependency of ANTLR.
– Native SDK completed the import and export of DID Store
– Native SDK fixed compatibility issues when automatically upgrading from the old version of DIDstore
– Native/Swift SDK synchronized the update of the Java SDK and released a new version of the SDK
– Supplemented and improved the Javascript SDK version by referring to the Java SDK, and released the pre-release version

– Released Hive Node v2.3.0 version, and updated test and production environment deployment
– According to the Hive Node API update, updated the Payment implementation of the Java SDK
– Released Java SDK v2.3.0 version
– Hive Node added Restful interface documentation
– Hive Java SDK added test cases to improve the coverage of interface test cases
– Hive Java SDK modified interface documentation
– Updated Java SDK subscription subscription interface
– Solved the problems found in the Swift SDK 2.1 branch version and release the hotfix version v2.1.2
– Referred to the Java SDK master code to continue to update the implementation of Swift SDK

– Continued the development of Carrier2
– Pre-research about the Reverse Tunneling technical solution
– Provided technical support for community projects using Carrier SDK

– Completed the function of limiting the maximum number of connections for a single IP in the direct connection network of the node. The node direct connection network is used for the interconnection of DPoS consensus nodes for consensus data transmission. This function will improve the security of the direct connection network and ensure the safety and reliability of the DPoS consensus.
– The arbiter node added an RPC interface to support the addition of newly registered side chain node information. This function is mainly used to submit the operating parameters of the new sidechain node to the arbiter node after the new sidechain proposal is passed, for the block generation of the new sidechain.
– Optimized the P2P protocol to improve the stability of P2P network connections in different situations.
– Investigated the schnorr signature scheme and discussed the design scheme that supports the multi-signature scheme.
– Fixed bugs found during testing.

EID Sidechain
-The EID browser synchronized the transaction payload to the database to display DID Document data.

ESC Sidechain
– Modified the directly connected network message broadcast mechanism to only broadcast messages to nodes participating in the current consensus to optimize network communication efficiency.
– Converted the main chain private key to an ETH account, and used secp256k1 for name verification and signature verification.
– Continued to develop and test Layer2 cross-chain related functions.

Elastos Wallet Core Module
– Optimized the code and fixed the problem that cannot be compiled in the windows environment.

Community Updates

Elastos Essentials 2.1 is live on Android. With new features like RPC API’s, NFT support, faster synchronization, DID 2.0 support, and a better overall user experience, Essentials is truly essential to Web3. Download today.



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