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Elastos Bi-Weekly Update – 31 July 2020


As the Elastos Ecosystem heads into DeFi, Co-Founder Feng Han spoke on a panel at a DeFi conference hosted by Bitribe, while the founding team’s technical progress continued at a rapid pace. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

elastOS (Trinity)
– Planned to complete core function development of Trinity desktop runtime version this week and start daily building
– Improved Trinity development tool chain and provided support for Electron
– Upgraded SPVSDK to 0.5.6, and added the interfaces that support ETH sidechain
– Solved the problem that the password dialog box pops up during DID synchronization in the background service to block the user’s current UI
– Fixed bugs reported by testing and end users
– Maintenance update for Built-in dApps
– Development documentation for back-end services
– DID dApp’s support and implementation plan for DID certification
– Discussed the DID specification of dApp

– Officially released Native / Swift / Java SDK 1.0 version, including CocoaPods and Maven packages
– DID Publish process and DID dApp usage scenario problem analysis and solutions
– Implemented and conducted stress testing of Native SDK
– Provided DID Native cross-compilation for Raspberry Pi environment
– DID SDK now fully verifies the analysis results provided by DID resolve
– Provided support for deriving sub-key pairs from DID on Swift SDK
– Supported query of DID transaction history on Native SDK
– Native SDK test cases now support rapid test verification based on the simulation ID backend
– Discussed the process specification and definition of DID Auth

– Adjusted the file and DB storage layout of Hive nodes to meet sandbox requirements
– Implemented the newly added file system API of Hive Node and added test case
– Hive Java SDK now uses JSON framework for automatic mapping of JSON data/Java objects
– Adjusted and improved the authorization module implementation of Hive SDK according to the new DID dApp Auth process specification
– Optimized implementation of file/directory operations on the Hive Node, including file and directory creation/delete, file meta-attribute update and acquisition, and file/directory upload and download functions
– According to the new DID dApp auth process specification, implemented the DID identity authentication on the Hive Node side
– Made a Docker image for running Hive Node nodes
– Improved the Hive Node architecture and design guidance documents, and formulated the first version features for productization

– Released Carrier Swift SDK v5.6.3 version
– Continued to optimize the internal implementation of the Carrier Native SDK to improve the stability of the newly added features
– Solved the problem of cross-compiling Android SDK using Android NDK 21 tool in Unbutu 20.04 environment
– Solved the inconsistency between elatest internal test cases and robot side synchronization commands
– Solved the problem of memory overflow when the length of encrypt/decrypt data is 4~5M
– Optimized the markdown content format of the README document of the Carrier Native SDK
– Community development team released weekly new internal test version of Feeds dApp
– The community development team completed the cross-compilation of the Feeds Service to the Raspberry Pi device, so that the Feeds service node can run on the Raspberry device
– The community development team completed the implementation of improved internal page routing jump logic in the Feeds dApp, and solved the problem of unresponsive second-level pages
– The community development team improved the handling of some abnormal processes in the Feeds Service binding process
– The community development team produced the Debian format installation package of the Feeds Service based on the Linux environment, and the Docker Image of the Feeds Service service node
– The community development team improved the implementation of Feeds dApp multilingual framework
– The community development team improved and fixed Feeds dApp UI/UX display and functional issues
– Continued to implement and debug the WebRTC iOS SDK version based on the Carrier Swift SDK to achieve end-to-end data communication

– Adjusted the cross-chain consensus node from a fixed node to obtain a dynamic node through SPV
– Added logic on the mempool to eliminate duplication for transactions such as changing the secretary general and binding DPoS nodes
– Added blocklistener function on SPV
– Added RPC interface that supports querying the number of available ELAs of the current CR committee
– Added an RPC interface that supports querying the list of bound CR committee nodes
– Adding search support with Cryptoname on the blockchain browser
– Continued to test the functions related to CR committee binding DPoS nodes
– Fixed the transaction list in the browser
– Fixed other bugs found in internal testing

ETH Side Chain
– Released v0.0.2.1 version
– In the DPoS consensus, the tolerance period and changeview time are changed to use the previous block time to align the time for changing views
– Adjusted the process of packaging transactions
– Prepared stress test script
– Tested the stability of DPoS consensus
– Fixed the issue that may cause the withdrawal of coins to fail

Elastos Wallet
– Released ELA Wallet Android v1.4.5
– Release SPVSDK v0.5.6, open ETH sidechain related interfaces
– Adjusted the maximum input limit for change from 500 to 3000
– Solved the problem that the ETH sidechain does not send proofs after restart
– Upgraded part of ETH code from breadwallet and improved callback and solved the problem of crash in some cases

Tuum Team Update

– Performance optimization and graphics updates to elastos.info
– Consolidated management tools between Trinity Tech, Tuum Tech, and Hyper team to enhance collaboration across teams
– elastOS desktop fixed dependencies, tested localization, added Trinity Runtime helper, loaded built-in apps, and many more migrations and synchronizations
– Added request name and avatar during sign in, removed back button from home page, and added screens to show number of times services used for Assist
– Launched Vouch dApp
– Published Vouch demo
– Fixed bugs and added new screens to Academy companion app
– Delivered updated wallet designs for elastOS
– Assembled team for a new Trinity native tool
– Assembled team for Verifiable Credentials

Community News

ELA Wallet Android Version 1.4.5 Upgrade Announcement

This version of ELA Wallet contains the following upgrades:
1. Short domain name support function for Cryptoname payment address;
2. Optimized wallet UTXO processing capacity;
3. Optimized display effect for Proposals;
4. Optimized main net DID synchronization function;
5. Improved operation log recording function;

-As always, please remember to back up your wallet prior to performing this upgrade.
Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.unionsquare.android

July 28

Feng Han was invited to participate in a live broadcast event hosted by BiXiaobai where he shared his outlook on the Elastos ecosystem – From Data Resources to Inclusive Data Assets.

July 29

Feng Han participated in the global blockchain live broadcast festival hosted by Bitribe and 499Block-“World Vision upon DeFi & Cross-Chain.” and did an AMA at the event.

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