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Tech Announcements|1 MIN. READ

Elastos Carrier WebRTC SDK Release


After sourcing significant development contributions from a community team, the Carrier Team has officially released the WebRTC SDK. The SDK has been released over the Elastos Carrier network as a technical preview version for both Android and iOS. The release contains the following core features:

• Internally supports basic Audio/Video/Data communication;
• Provides high level APIs for Audio/Video/Data communication without explicit involvement of TURN/STUN;
• Basic integration (http://webrtc.github.io/webrtc-org/native-code/android/) over Carrier network;
• Includes WebRTC demo Application using WebRTC SDK with support for Audio/Video communication between two peers.

To learn more, check out the SDK release on our GitHub pages below:

• WebRTC Java/Android SDK: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.NET.WebRTC.Android.SDK/releases/tag/release-v1.0.0

• WebRTC Swift/iOS SDK: https://github.com/elastos/Elastos.NET.WebRTC.iOS.SDK/releases/tag/release-v1.0.0

To remain up to date with the Carrier team and related developments, visit their dedicated Telegram group below:

Carrier Team Telegram Group


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