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Tech Announcements|2 MIN. READ

Elastos EcoWallet Released


The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce the release of the Elastos EcoWallet codenamed “Elephant Wallet”

About the Elastos EcoWallet:

This version of the wallet is positioned as the Elastos EcoWallet. It is specifically used to integrate the services and users among ecosystem partners and to help traditional internet users have a smooth entrance into the world of blockchain.

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Special Features of The Elastos EcoWallet

  1. It supports multiple coins from Elastos ecosystem partners.
  2. Comments from ELA transfers are recorded onto the blockchain, allowing the recipient to see them directly.
  3. When receiving funds, you can fill in the amount to request, similar to Alipay.

Private Key Management:

Utilizing the model of current mainstream wallets, users’ private keys are only saved locally, provide a signature for a transaction, and then connect to the node to send a transaction to the blockchain. It not only protects the security of the private key but also the experience, in that it is not necessary to wait and it will not waste electricity or data usage.

Partial Demo

When you open the wallet and log in, you must enter your PIN number as an extra security measure for your wallet.

Write down your Paper Key which is your 12 seed words to backup the wallet.

When recording your passwords and keys, you will also need to enter the PIN number that you set up previously.

A sample of coins from ecosystem partners. You may also set up fingerprint verification.

When receiving funds, you can enter the value, similar to receiving funds in Alipay.

“Send” Tab

On-Chain Comments

The Future of Elastos EcoWallet

In the future, the Elastos EcoWallet will not only manage crypto-assets—it will also manage other digital content, including personal identification, personal data, contacts, and IM.  Please be patient for these other features to be introduced.

Currently, Elastos EcoWallet is undergoing continuous improvements and upgrades. We hope that each and every Elastos community member will download the EcoWallet and begin using it.


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