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Elastos Essentials to Become Primary Wallet Application for Elastos Ecosystem


In the initiative to build out a Web3 ecosystem, Elastos core development teams will be halting all development on ELA Wallet following the release of v1.5.0 on Android and iOS, and shifting all resources, integrations, and development projects to Elastos Essentials. Now four and a half years into its development, the Elastos ecosystem has transformed from an ambitious technical blueprint to a robust base infrastructure for decentralized Web3 applications. As its infrastructure and platform services continue to evolve, so too must the objectives and approach of its core developer teams.

As the Elastos ecosystem and community organizations transition to a more mature Web3 ecosystem, development teams in the Elastos ecosystem will be shifting their focus to applications and ecosystem tools most aligned with the openness, inclusivity, and integration potential native to the Web3 paradigm.

As the flagship Super-Wallet of the Elastos ecosystem, Elastos Essentials is already popular amongst users for its integrated  DID functions, Hive decentralized storage, and Elastos Carrier’s private communication network.

For full information on the ELA Wallet v.1.5.0 Android and iOS release, see the official upgrade announcement below:
ELA Wallet Android and iOS v1.5.0 Upgrade Announcement

ELA Wallet is a user-friendly and secure SPV light node client wallet that supports Elastos ecosystem digital assets. ELA Wallet v1.5.0 has been released for Android and iOS v1.5.0. In this update, a fix has been added for a flashback issue that occurred during wallet synchronization.

In order to better allocate resources and provide a superior user experience, core development teams responsible for Elastos Essentials, the flagship wallet of the Elastos ecosystem, will be focusing on expanding and enhancing the functionality of the CR Community, DPoS Election, and DID Capsules. The development teams will also continue to work toward integrating Elastos core technologies and improving their functions and services.

As such, following this upgrade, ELA Wallet will only retain the basic transfer functions. Technical support for ELA Wallet will conclude at the completion of Q1 2022. ELA Wallet users are advised to migrate to Elastos Essentials as soon as possible.

ELA Wallet v1.5.0.0 Update Log:
The content of the ELA Wallet v1.5.0.0 update are as follows:
1. Removed community section;
2. Cancelled support for the DID Sidechain and related functions;
3. Fixed known bugs.

-As always, ensure that your wallet is backed up before upgrading to a new version.

For the latest on Elastos core development teams, Elastos Essentials, and Elastos’ budding Web3 ecosystem, stay tuned here on the official EF Blog.


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