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Tech Announcements|2 MIN. READ

Elastos Ethereum Sidechain Live For Public Use


Elastos is pleased to announce the public release of the Elastos Ethereum (ETH) Sidechain. As for all technologies developed in conjunction with the Elastos Foundation, the source code is completely open source and free to access via GitHub. The Ethereum Sidechain supports all existing Ethereum smart contract code, enabling developers to port pre-existing projects onto Elastos, as well as to code in Solidity in developing unique Sidechain applications designed for the Elastos ecosystem.

The ETH Sidechain was previously released on mainnet on July 31, 2019, after trials were successfully completed on Elastos test net. At its original mainnet release, the ETH Sidechain was made available only to select developers via a whitelisting process. Since its deployment on test net, a number of ETH Task Force projects began development on the ETH Sidechain. Using the ETH Sidechain on test net, developers used a fork of PoA Network’s Blockscout to develop a block explorer, forked MyCrypto to create a wallet, and developed a faucet. Developers also deployed a test net RPC port to enable connection to the ubiquitous Ethereum tools Metamask, Truffle, and web3.js. Now with the ETH Sidechain officially live, the ETH Task Force teams are preparing to migrate these tools to the mainnet.

Most significantly, with ETH Sidechain now fully open, the public is free to explore and expand upon its unique and broad development potential. The mainnet launch of the ETH Sidechain represents a major milestone for the Elastos ecosystem. For the first time, developing Ethereum compatible dApps can be realized in a scalable, higher TPS environment, secured with hashpower from the Bitcoin blockchain and fully integrated into an ecosystem that protects user data with real decentralization. Elastos proudly invites developers to begin working with the ETH Sidechain and exploring the potential of the ever-growing Elastos ecosystem.

The ETH Sidechain’s P2P network will provide access to two block explorers and one web wallet that is specifically dedicated to the ETH-Sidechain. It should be noted that ELA Wallet does not support ETH/ELA Sidechain transactions at present, and it can only be connected to the main chain via the current ETH Wallet.

To learn more and get involved, check out ETH Sidechain at the links below:

Official Elastos Mainnet Ethereum Sidechain Browser

ETH Sidechain Browser by ETH Task Force

ETH Sidechain Web Wallet by ETH Task Force

ETH Sidechain at Elastos Academy

ETH Sidechain on GitHub



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