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Exploring elastOS|7 MIN. READ

elastOS: Launch on iOS


After an intensive period of collaboration with Apple App Store representatives, the Trinity Tech team has earned approval for the long-awaited launch of elastOS on iOS. Unlike the elastOS that is publicly available for Android and presently under development for desktop, a simpler, elemental version of elastOS called “elastOS Essentials” will be available to iOS users. elastOS Essentials embeds core elastOS features such as decentralized identity management (DID), wallet functions, storage space management via Hive, and contacts management, but does not give access to any built-in partner Capsules such as Assist, Vouch, ELAnodes, and others – nor does it provide access to elastOS’ proprietary Capsule Marketplace or dynamic capsule download features.

The Essentials

In addition to rolling out its baseline features, elastOS Essentials shares a number of  brand new upgrades with the elastOS Version 1.3.0 release for Android, including a fresh wallet design, Ethereum support, and Hive management capabilities. Here’s what elastOS Essentials will hold on day one:

  • New Wallet Capsule Design: Trinity Tech completed a full design overhaul of the Wallet Capsule to better align it with elastOS and contribute to a cohesive ecosystem brand. In addition, the team tested, tweaked, and modified every feature within the Wallet Capsule to ensure a stable and reliable user experience.
  • Ethereum (ETH) Support: Ethereum Sidechain support has also been added to the Wallet Capsule, enabling users to manage their ELA/ETHSC tokens, use smart contracts, and add and transfer ERC20 tokens. The wallet also includes an “Intents” mechanism that allows other Capsules and native dApps to make requests for smart contract execution.
  • New Identity Capsule: Tuum Tech has developed a modified Identity Capsule to be released in elastOS Version 1.3.0. The new Capsule delivers greater focus on verifiable credentials and improved user experience, as well as a number of bug fixes.
  • Hive Manager Capsule: Along with the new Hive plugin, a simple, built-in Hive Manager Capsule enables users to manage their own Hive Vaults, which are essentially personal application storage spaces on providers that users select for themselves. For now, management only entails selecting a Vault provider and registering it to a user’s DID profile on the DID Sidechain, so as to allow Capsules to find user Vault addresses. However, more features are on the way; for example, users will soon be able to install their own Vaults at home, or transfer their entire storage space to another Vault provider on demand.
  • Contacts Capsule: Add, manage, and share contacts using Elastos DIDs.
  • Password Manager Capsule: Users can safely store personal passwords for convenience and security.
  • Inter-App Communications: Native dApps can send “Intents” to elastOS Essentials in order to access a user’s identity, wallet, or storage space without revealing his or her mnemonic phrase to any third party.


What’s Ahead

  • Due to the uncertainty surrounding publication approval on the Apple App Store, a few core features that have already landed on Android are still in the works for iOS. In the next release, Trinity Tech will integrate all such missing features to ensure that upcoming iOS releases are on par with the same level of quality users have come to expect from Android releases.
  • In addition, the Trinity Tech team is committed to ensuring that native dApps can use elastOS Essentials as a toolbox of sorts. Because it is not possible to run Capsules inside elastOS on iOS, elastOS Essentials will be primarily used as a companion for pure native dApps and Trinity-based native dApps such as Feeds, Hyper IM, Playchat, and Elanodes. elastOS Essentials will serve native dApps with sign-in, payment, smart contract execution, Hive vault connection, and more.


To download elastOS Essentials for iOS, use the link below:

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/elastos-essentials/id1532705468

Between Hive, Feeds, and elastOS, teams across the Elastos ecosystem are pumping out brand new technology every week. To remain up to date with the latest developments and progress of elastOS as well as everything else happening around the ecosystem, make sure to check in here at the official Elastos Foundation Blog.


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