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Tech Announcements|3 MIN. READ

elastOS: The Gateway to the SmartWeb, Released For Android Devices


The Elastos Foundation is proud to announce the launch of elastOS v1.0.0, the official platform for browsing the Elastos ecosystem of dApps. With this product launch, Elastos becomes the first blockchain project to deliver a fully integrated runtime ecosystem that creates a single place for managing tokens, creating and managing W3C-compliant decentralized identities, running Ethereum based smart contracts and transporting network data in a decentralized way, all in one native application designed for dApps. elastOS is now available to download for free on the Google Play app store. 

With a fully autonomous hybrid consensus already in place and Cyber Republic Council Elections live, elastOS now allows users to access dApps as seamlessly as developers can build them. Currently, elastOS provides a number of powerful design elements and brings together the Elastos ecosystem into a single space for the first time.

Most prominently, elastOS supports existing functions in the Elastos ecosystem, with a DPoS voting dApp and a blockchain explorer web application housed within a dApp. The platform also provides an integrated Wallet dApp as a core feature that is compatible with all aspects of the Elastos infrastructure. The Wallet allows users to send and receive payments through the ELA main chain, DID Sidechain, and allows third party applications to easily integrate with and request authorization for payments. elastOS also contains demos for both Elastos Carrier and the DID Sidechain to inform users about key features and to allow developers to use these technologies to build their own decentralized applications.

The DID Sidechain’s initial version will be capable of issuing W3C-compliant DIDs and DID-related credentials that can be published to and retrieved from the DID Sidechain for integration with sign-in functions from third party dApps – including native applications stationed outside elastOS. The Elastos DID Sidechain is one of the first in a group of truly decentralized implementations of the W3C DID Specifications and offers potential for large-scale adoption at the enterprise level.

In order to prepare for future development, elastOS comes equipped with a dApp store application and dApp store server, a QR Code dApp, and developer-friendly tools that allow third party developers to create, debug, sign, and publish dApps directly onto elastOS. Lastly, thorough UI/UX work has produced brand new launcher icons and background design to imbue elastOS with a fresh, modern look.

In order to prioritize a prompt launch of elastOS, the application is currently available only for Android [HERE], while development for iOS remains in progress.

Base guides for elastOS as well as documentation for plugins API can be found on Elastos’ developer website, [HERE]. 

As the home of the Modern Internet, the development and modification of elastOS will be an ongoing project, as the Elastos Foundation continues to expand existing functions, augment new features, and add support for up and coming dApps and other technologies. Thus, while elastOS’ end goal is to be not only a standalone browser, but an entirely decentralized mobile operating system all within an app, its initial state is a native app that houses several Ionic-based dApps within it. 

With this significant milestone, the Elastos Foundation and its entire ecosystem of decentralized global teams extends its gratitude to the community for their continued support as we enter an exciting new phase of development.


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