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Tech Announcements|4 MIN. READ

elastOS Version 1.1: Official Release on Android


The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce the official release of elastOS Version 1.1. The release includes brand new formatting in accordance with established Native App Store policies, enhanced UI/UX, and a reimagined homescreen ready to take on a new suite of user-friendly features.

First and foremost, as we remain fully committed to optimizing our user experience to compete with and surpass existing mobile platforms, we have reconstructed elastOS with a sleek new look. Upon entering elastOS 1.1, users will interface with a modern home screen that is prepared for a suite of new features that are on the way, including widgets, notifications, and a signature “dApp Favorites” management tool. We have also re-oriented elastOS to take on a browser-based format, where dApps are accessed as websites. In this model, users discover dApps through various social channels, including our proprietary Friends dApp, which allows users to view one another’s dApp portfolios. In addition to addressing the needs of our users, aforementioned changes serve a strategic purpose: they align elastOS with the policies of the Apple App Store. In order to improve and maintain strong relations with native App Stores in the present and foreseeable future, we have removed elastOS’s dApp Store application so as to avoid presenting it as a competitor to native OSs. In addition, steps have been taken to minimize the number of built-in dApps, and the standard app-grid has been reconstructed. 

For more details on the upgrades that have been performed to advance elastOS and the strategic approach behind them, please refer to our recently published article, Exploring elastOS: What’s Ahead.

elastOS Version 1.1 is available for free download at the following link:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.trinity.runtime&hl=en

As always, we thank our community members for their continued support. For further updates regarding the future development of elastOS, continue to check in here on the official Elastos Blog.


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