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elastOS Version 1.3.0 Android Release


The Trinity Tech team has released the newest edition of elastOS: Version 1.3.0 for Android. Version 1.3.0 is available for free download on the Google Play Store, as well as by direct APK file from the Trinity Tech website. In this release, users and developers alike can explore and benefit from a number of exciting new features, including long-awaited support for Ethereum, a preliminary version of Hive 2.0, and preliminary support for Trinity native – that is, the ability to package elastOS Capsules as native dApps.

What’s New

From technical upgrades, augmented support for integral components of Elastos’ infrastructure, and enhanced UX/UI, the Trinity Tech team has completed yet another milestone in the development of the Elastos ecosystem. Here’s what’s arriving in Version 1.3.0:

  • New Wallet Capsule Design: Trinity Tech completed a full design overhaul of the Wallet Capsule to better align it with elastOS and contribute to a cohesive ecosystem brand. In addition, the team tested, tweaked, and modified every feature within the Wallet Capsule to ensure a stable and reliable user experience.
  • Ethereum (ETH) Support: Ethereum Sidechain support has also been added to the Wallet Capsule, enabling users to manage their ELA/ETHSC tokens, use smart contracts, and add and transfer ERC20 tokens. The wallet also includes an “Intents” mechanism that allows other Capsules and native dApps to make requests for smart contract execution.
  • Trinity dApp SDK: A new javascript NPM package named “trinity-dapp-sdk” is now available. The SDK contains several services that provide support  for elastOS Capsule development, with topics ranging from Hive Vault authentication, leveraging the elastOS web3 provider in conjunction with the standard web3 library to run Ethereum smart contracts, and backup/restore functions over Hive. As further progress is made on elastOS, a wide array of additional services will be released in parallel.
  • Backup/Restore Service: The Backup/Restore Service is based on Hive 2.0, and is designed to help Capsules save user data and reassess and restore it once elastOS (or the Capsule in question) is reinstalled. At the moment, no Capsule is using backup/restore functions, but development is underway to restore installed capsules, contacts, wallet synchronization states, and more.
  • New Identity Capsule: Tuum Tech has developed a modified Identity Capsule to be released in elastOS Version 1.3.0. The new Capsule delivers greater focus on verifiable credentials and improved user experience, as well as a number of bug fixes.
  • Trinity Native Support: Trinity Runtime has been modified – and is being advanced toward completion – to support customization processes enabled by the Trinity Native Toolchain. With the Trinity Native Toolchain, developers can build elastOS Capsules as native applications in Android and iOS, and benefit from a versatile development environment.
  • Hive 2.0 Plugin: The first Hive plugin version based on the Hive 2.0 SDK is now built into elastOS. In the interim period leading up to Hive 2.0’s official release, APIs may not be perfectly stable. However, several Capsules have already begun using Hive 2.0 for database and files access.*
  • Hive Manager Capsule: Along with the new Hive plugin, a simple, built-in Hive Manager Capsule enables users to manage their own Hive Vaults, which are essentially personal application storage spaces on providers that users select for themselves. For now, management only entails selecting a Vault provider and registering it to a user’s DID profile on the DID Sidechain, so as to allow Capsules to find user Vault addresses. However, more features are on the way; for example, users will soon be able to install their own Vaults at home, or transfer their entire storage space to another Vault provider on demand.
  • Video Editor Plugin: Trinity Tech has also added a Video Editor Plugin that enables video compression and resizing, so as to streamline video capture and transfer processes for Capsules.
  • Bug fixes: No upgrade is complete without a fresh batch of bug fixes. For Version 1.3.0, Trinity Tech squashed bugs in Runtime, plugins, and Capsules to make elastOS run more smoothly than ever before.

*Note: Hive support is still operating in an experimental stage, and the plugin API will likely undergo significant modifications in the weeks ahead. As such, data storage processes should also be regarded as experimental in the near term, and dApp developers should ensure that any and all potential end users are fully informed.

What’s Ahead

Trinity Tech is already hard at work building out and preparing for future releases of elastOS. Here’s what the team has got in the works:


  • elastOS’s upcoming release will center its focus on features that employ Hive, such as backup/restore functions, Vault payment and transfers, and a decentralized Capsule Marketplace.
  • The Trinity Runtime and the “Intents” mechanism will be continually improved to better support deep linking between native Trinity dApps and elastOS Intents for functions including sign-in, payments, and Hive Vault authentication – just to name a few.
  • The Trinity Tech team will also be performing ongoing optimizations on all relevant features until new versions of Hyper IM and Feeds can function flawlessly both inside elastOS and as native Android and iOS applications.


To download elastOS Version 1.3.0 for Android, use one of the links below:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.elastos.trinity.runtime

Between Hive, Feeds, and elastOS, teams across the Elastos ecosystem are pumping out brand new technology every week. To remain up to date with the latest developments and progress of elastOS as well as everything else happening around the ecosystem, make sure to check in here at the official Elastos Foundation Blog.


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