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Weekly Updates|9 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 04 January 2019


This week Rong Chen visited the Shijiu Tv Box manufacturing plant where 870k units containing Elastos Carrier were shipped in 2018. If you are curious why putting “a node in every home” is essential to Elastos’ mission and the success of Web 3.0, read Kiran Pachhai’s byline in Block Telegraph this week.

The technical updates continue to roll in. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics


Tech Updates Summary

This week the standout development was on the Ethereum and Neo sidechains, as well as amazing progress on the dPoS/voting mechanism that will enable the DPoS super node election and Cyber Republic elections scheduled for Q2 2019. The NeoVM sidechain implementation is functional and undergoing stress and comparison tests now, meanwhile the Ethereum sidechain is successfully making Oracle calls. As we are sure everyone is very interested in the development of the smart contract sidechains, please look forward to multiple reports and progress updates over the next few months.

The dPoS voting mechanism on the chain is already completed and is now undergoing testing and bug fixes. In parallel, we have begun development of the new Elastos web wallet, in the near future you will find a new interface at wallet.elastos.org where you can vote in the dPoS elections and much more.

Various other components are also undergoing improvements as we step up testing in anticipation of the dPoS supernode elections.

Elastos Runtime

  • Runtime now supports dApp switching with context recovery; this greatly improves usability and responsiveness when switching between Elastos dApps
  • Updates and ongoing optimization to the runtime build scripts for developers
  • Added continuous integration, component integration testing and front-end tests with Appium

Elastos Storage

  • First working version of the IPFS/cluster node and the associated RESTful API is now completed and will undergo intense testing, node verification and QA.

Elastos Carrier

  • Offline messaging feature development is completed and undergoing testing

Elastos NeoVM Sidechain

  • Undergoing comparison and stress testing against a control native Neo blockchain
  • Optimized storage protocols for the Neo sidechain

Elastos EVM Sidechain

  • Demonstrated successful callouts to Oracles in the Elastos EVM, this is the process in which smart contracts retrieve real world data, which is fundamental to many important use cases.

Elastos Wallets

  • The Android SPV wallet had some bug fixes, for more details refer to the January 2, 2019 update below
  • Development of voting interface and functions on the web wallet (wallet.elastos.org) has begun, this will be the official method of participating in the supernode and Cyber Republic elections.

Elastos DPoS Voting

  • DPoS producer node implementation is in the testing phase now. Primary functions such as voting on the chain are being tested with new Lua Scripts and test systems.
  • Many common sense improvements to the codebase for the DPoS mechanism such as removing any reliance on third-party code and ELA.Arbiter integration with sidechains for posterity and security.

Elastos Core

  • Under the hood improved ELA mainchain P2P network dynamics and RPC interfaces.

Elastos SPV Mobile Wallet for Android Update

The Elastos technical team upgraded the SPV Mobile Wallet for Android on January 2, 2019.

This upgrade included:
1. Fixed the loss of precision in transaction amount, as well as problems with being unable to make a transfer
2. Fixed compatibility issue with Trinity alpha, such as the problem where “app not install”
3. Added support for feedback and increased stability of transactions
4. Optimized processes related to multiple-signature wallets

Due to compatibility adjustments, in order to install the latest version v0.1.3, you must first uninstall the old version, during which the local data from the previous version will be cleared.

*Please back up all important wallet data stored in the old version of the app, such as: seed phrases or seed phrases and optional passphrases (if in existence) or KeyStore text

Elastos Elephant Wallet Update

After the release of the Elephant wallet last week, it has now been listed on the Google Play Store

Get it on Google Play

A few bugs were reported and have been resolved on the Android Version:

  1. Ethereum and ERC20 balances not showing
  2. Removing support for some erc20 variant (Requires Reinstall)
  3. Bug Fix for crashing

The team is actively working on resolving other bugs reported on the Elephant Wallet, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Cyber Republic

We are happy to announce that our new Cyber Republic forums are now live at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, this includes the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

The number of TV Boxes installed with Elastos Carrier reached  870,000 by the end of 2018.

Elastos wants to put “a node in every home.” Find out why this is key to Web 3.0 adoption in Kiran Pachhai’s latest byline. https://blocktelegraph.io/node-accessibility/

Read Clarence Liu’s interview on BlockTribune: https://blocktribune.com/blockchain-and-cryptocurrency-2019-predictions-vol-xv/

Read Donnie Buller’s comments in The Express https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/1065279/bitcoin-price-prediction-2019-cryptocurrency-price-news-latest-update-blockchain-news

Elastos would like to welcome Zhang Huanling as the new Senior QA Engineer 

Fishchain, in conjunction with Elastos Ecosystem Partner BIT.GAME, initiated the second ELA fish and fishtank auction event over the new year ending on January 6. All community members are encouraged to actively participate in the game by visiting play.fishchain.io. At the time of publishing this weekly the auction has raised over 3200 ELA of which a percentage will be added to the fishchain mining pool. An ELA gold bowl fetched a record price of 456 ELA in the auction.

December 29

Elastos co-founder and founder of the MIT Blockchain Pillar and Foundation, Feng Han, was on Xue Ba Shi San Mei Elastos Series livestream, where he gave a presentation called “Outlining The Era of Quantum Wealth”

January 3

Rong Chen went to Shenzhen to visit the manufacturing plant of the TV Boxes with the CEO and Founder of Shijiu TV. The Tv Boxes with Elastos Carrier shipped 870k units in 2018.


North American team member Donnie Bullers hosted a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency monthly meetup in Wilmington, North Carolina where he brought to the forefront obstacles and dangers surrounding our internet today. Speaking to a group at TekMountain Innovation Center he made a call to action for developers and created a buzz around the solution Elastos.


Feng Han is a speaker at the 2019 Beijing Jiaotong University Blockchain Technology Seminar

Event Information

Speakers & Topics
Feng Han: The Era of Quantum Wealth
Congming Chen: Informal Discussion on Public Blockchains
Xiaojie Guo: Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Location and Time

Beijing Jiaotong University
Thursday, 5 January 2019 at 2:30pm

Useful links:

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

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Developer Documentation on Github

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