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Weekly Updates|9 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 07 December 2018


This week Elastos released its first SPV mobile wallet for Android on GitHub, announced that the TV Box with Elastos Carrier has hit sales of 680k units, released an article about the Decentralized Digital Marketing platform hitting its first milestone, saw a team member publish blockchain commentary in The Hill, and released several important tech updates from the core development team.

Let’s recap. 


Technical Dynamics

Elastos Browser:

  • iOS version of Elastos Runtime core development is complete;
  • Started drafting the DApp specification and unifying the DApps specification for the iOS/Android platform;

Elastos Storage:

  • Client agent and Client C API in active development; wrote Client C version interface documentation;

Elastos Carrier:

  • In Native SDK, the offline message and the cloud storage service is not completed, however the other features are fully converged and are ready for the new version of release
  • Continued to improve and stabilize the Carrier Native test case set (especially the Windows platform as there are platform differences);
  • Improved and stabilized the Carrier Android test case set and enabled the new version of the test case set with Travis CI enabled check;
  • Cumulative bug fixes and stability tests;

ELA main chain:

  • Fixed an issue where the sidechain mining transaction on the main chain could not be replaced;
  • Added a P2P protocol for sensing the main chain transfer transaction instead of Bloom Filter;
  • Improved the P2P performance of the main network node, provided a support for a large number of light node access and prepared for the main chain upgrade and mobile wallet release;

Ethereum compatible side chain:

  • Started verifying the implementation of the Ethereum smart contract;
  • Built an open environment so community developers can experience Ethereum sidechains in advance;
  • Discussed and determined the corresponding scenario for anomalies;

NEO VM side chain:

  • Modified the chain code and command line client code based on the reconstructed Sidechain architecture;
  • Deployed and called smart contract automation tests, automated smart contract automation testing, and implemented one-click deployment call contracts;

Token Sidechain:

  • Token sidechain supports the new version of the config file;

DPOS consensus and super node election:

  • Implemented DPOS rotation related processes;
  • A single arbitrator submits evidence of malicious activity and the realization of the rotation related mechanism;
  • Most of the main and side chain arbitrations are submitted as evidence and the main chain is processed;

Wallet & blockchain browser:

  • Web wallet began to develop super node election function and support for keystore import;
  • Android mobile wallet upgrade preparation;
  • Blockchain browser and wallet testing and upgrades, fixed a problem that a large number of transactions could not be displayed at an address and accessed a new version of the node program;
  • Fixed richlist issue, supported replenishment of coins and sidechain block trading;

Slightly Less Technical Summary

This week contains a wealth of technical updates that include: Elastos Browser, Elastos Wallet, Elastos storage, Elastos Carrier, Elastos Blockchain, Ethereum sidechain, NEO sidechain and token sidechain. The core development team continues to push forward with major updates from all aspects of what makes up the entirety of the Elastos infrastructure. Elastos Trinity Browser is one step closer to being supported on iOS devices. Elastos decentralized storage system passed its first phase and now moves into implementation phase. Elastos Carrier build is now supported on the Windows platform. Ethereum and NEO sidechains are almost complete and developers can soon start to experiment with them. Android SPV wallet has been released to the public and is currently in the process of being released on the Android App Store. Elastos is gearing towards its beta release with full momentum.

The React Native framework for creating Elastos DApps is now in development. We welcome everyone to contribute to the framework by visiting:


The Elastos testnet is officially open for public use. If you are a developer, you can now view our repositories on GitHub. More information can be found here:


The following has been published to aid Elastos developers working on the testnet.

Testnet coin request address:


Testnet web browser address:


*Testnet wallet address:


*Please note that this wallet is strictly for the testnet ELA tokens, sending your mainnet ELA to this wallet will result in them being lost forever!

Useful links:

A Developer Beginner’s Guide

Developer Portal in Cyber Republic

Developer Documentation on Github

Elastos Smartweb Alpha

Elastos Community

Elastos Community Global


Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2018/12/03/weekly-report-dec-3rd-2018/

Community News

As of Nov. 30th, sales of the Shijiu TV Box with Elastos Carrier have reached 680k units! Sales of the box have continued to increase each month since August. 

The first Elastos SPV mobile wallet for Android has been officially released on GitHub. The wallet has support for DID Sidechain tokens and provides users the ability to create a multi-signature wallet! The wallet is only available through Github at present and will be added to the Play Store in the future.

Elastos’ Decentralized Digital Marketing (DMA) platform has completed its first milestone! Read about it here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-dma-completes-first-milestone/ 

Read Fay Li’s piece in The Hill on blockchain and the future of our economies.  https://thehill.com/opinion/education/419140-financial-history-is-repeating-itself-but-this-time-we-can-prepare

The Elastos website won “Design of the Day” on The Best Designs:  https://www.thebestdesigns.com/p2

November 28-30

Elastos participated in the 2018 International Blockchain Conference, jointly hosted by Chinese Institute of Electronics, Changsha Municipal People’s Government, and China Electronics Corporation. The theme of the event was “Brainstorm Innovation Empowerment.” Experts, scholars, and industry leaders were invited to gather together to carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions on strategic layout and policy orientation, basic research and frontier exploration, trends in both the market and investing, and industry dynamics and application practices.

December 1

The Shanghai Zhang Jiang Blockchain Hackathon ended successfully. The event was hosted by the Shanghai Computer Industry Association, the Pudong New District Maker Alliance Member Association, the Pudong New District Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park Maker Union Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center and was jointly hosted by Shanghai Zhang Jiang Lin Gang Investment and Investment Co. Ltd. and Zhang Jiang Science and Technology Port. It was also attended by Shanghai Lie Rui Business Management Co. Ltd. and Shanghai Dian Cheng Investment Consulting Co. Ltd. This science and technology conference was an event intended for blockchain developers, blockchain technology hobbyists, and university students on campus. Elastos-based DKMS development team won first prize in the competition.


Hong Kong – Dec 15-17 

Elastos will sponsor and participate in the 2018 Global Blockchain Developers Conference, which has invited the most valuable and representative developer teams from around the globe. It aims to build a case think tank and interactive development platform for the global blockchain industry to accelerate the advent of blockchain technology. This will also provide a space for the mainstream cryptocurrency community to engage in a technology spree among themselves. For tickets and more information: https://devcon.top/


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