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Weekly Updates|9 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 10 May 2019


This week, Feng Han was on the move once again, speaking at the Xian Community exchange meeting and presenting his own lecture on Golden Finance. In the week ahead the Elastos Foundation will be running a booth at the University of California, Irvine to connect and network with students and other blockchain ventures and founder Rong Chen will be speaking at UNESCO headquarters in Paris at an event focused on the applications of blockchain designed for social good.

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

– Wallet ported to Trinity; It can run normally in the form of a dApp, and the docking test network is verified. Currently, only Android platform is supported, and iOS platform is under development;
– Improved the Wallet dApp based on the testnet environment and also implemented DPoS voting;
– dApp signature and verification has been completed and code will be complete soon;
– Browser engine switches from WebView to Webkit plugin to provide better performance and user experience;
– Updated the latest Carrier SDK and tested the carrier plugin;
– Modified each plugin document to update the use of the plugin in Trinity (written directly in the manifest.json corresponding to the dApp);

– Currently solving the problem of synchronization instability between different nodes of Key-Value in Hive;
– Hive IPFS/Cluster released a new version v0.1 (Alpha developer trial version) and re-arranged Hive Cluster test;
– Updated Hive Native SDK v0.1 (C++ version) to eliminate compilation errors and alarms, and released v0.1 SDK version after verification;
– Continued to write and review Hive Native/Java/Swift SDK;
– Started building and writing Hive Native SDK test case sets;

– Optimized Carrier Native offline message implementation (offline message changed to asynchronous send);
– Merged offline message test case code (prepared as offline message stability test case) into offline message branch;
– Currently merging offline message branches into the Carrier Native repository Master branch;
– Verified offline messages and performed stress tests;
– Incorporated the iOS/Android offline messaging feature into the Master branch to begin verification;
– Released the Carrier Android-v5.2.2 version and released the generated aar package to platform for third-party Android applications to rely on the Carrier via Gradle;
– Published a Technical Preview release (v5.3) that supports offline messaging;
– Synchronous debugging to verify offline messaging for Android/iOS Carrier;

ELA Main chain DPoS Consensus:
– Getting ready for DPoS to go online for the second iteration, bug convergence;
– Used DNS instead of SeedList configuration to resolve the problem that the arbitrator network cannot be connected due to the inability of DNS to forward routes;
– When the arbitrator becomes Inactive, the time to resume the transaction can be changed from one day to immediately;
– Currently solving the problem that the DPoS network cannot be connected due to dynamic IP;
– Modified python automated detection program to support ELA, arbiter, andid configuration file changes;
– ela-cli command line has added info list producers, active transactions, voting transactions, output multiple outputs, and also updated the documentation;
– A mechanism for degrading into a DPoS consensus of only 12 CRC nodes when the number of subsequent arbiters is insufficient when pre-connection, normal handover, and inactive handover is implemented;
– Cleaned up the supernode deployment plan and simplified the ELA configuration file;
– Improved the warning program for arbitrator not to issue proposals;

SPV C++:
– “dev” branch now adds support for Token Sidechain;
– Modified the light node reconnection delay, changed to gradually increase, and finally synchronize the time to the last block time;
– Joint debugging ETH SPV synchronization encountered problems, now able to complete the head node chain download;
– SPV Python interface wrapper for automated testing of SPV wallet modules;

Ethereum Compatible Sidechain:
– Write tests to other nodes that have processed the refill transaction and delete the transaction logic from the transaction pool;
– Tested contract compatibility and new contract compiler;
– Researched the Ethereum logFilter and tested it in the light node background coroutine;
– Modified the Ethereum wallet; Now, you can automatically switch to the mainnet corresponding to the main chain with the mainnet, testnet, rikeby network switch, testnet, regnet;

– Neo Sidechain has increased receipt structure;

Private Net:
– Up to date on the most recent changes from github;
– Automated a lot of tasks that were done manually before, such as creating docker images, registering for supernode via command line, etc. These new tools are available under blockchain/tools directory ;
– We now have around 5 docker images instead of 24 different ones like before ;
– Different containers now use volumes so the Private Net can keep running instead of starting from scratch every time;
– Made some changes to the repo so it’ll be a lot faster to update the private net in the future;
– The docker images are pushed to docker hub under Cyber Republic (https://cloud.docker.com/u/cyberrepublic/repository/list) so the same docker images can be used to run a node to connect to mainnet, testnet, regnet or private net depending on the configuration;
– The second developer workshop will focus on “How to Setup and Run a Supernode Connecting to the Private Net”. The same setup can be roughly used to connect to mainnet in the future. More details to come in the near future.
– Check out https://github.com/cyber-republic/elastos-privnet/tree/dev/blockchain for recent changes.

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://news.cyberrepublic.org/weekly-report-may-6th-2019/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, this includes the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Read Part 1 of Elastos in a Nutshell – A Layman’s Perspective: Peer to Peer Carrier Network – English Version: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/04/25/elastos-in-a-nutshell-a-laymans-perspective-peer-to-peer-carrier-network-part-1/

Community News

April 29

Feng Han, the co-founder of Elastos, was invited to participate in the XiAn Community exchange meeting. At the meeting, Han Feng stated that Modern Internet reflects a global vision for the future. Value analysis and community development are critical for any blockchain project.

May 6

Feng Han delivered a lecture for the Golden Finance open class titled, “Blockchain technology brings an era of quantum finance.”


California: May 14 & 16

Elastos will be sponsoring and running a booth at the ICS (Information and Computer Science) Week 2019 at UCI (University of California, Irvine). ICS Week attendees are primarily UCI students, particularly those who are ICS majors. The event allows students to connect with other ICS students, and provides opportunities for sponsors to outreach with the ICS student base. Companies will be able to booth at the event where they can take resumes, promote their product, recruit students, or host their own games. More than 700 students attended last year! Link: https://www.icsday.com/

Paris: May 17

Rong Chen has been invited to UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) headquarters in Paris on May 17th to be a speaker at their event, “Blockchain: practices and perspectives.” The event will focus on how blockchain technologies can be used for social good. The conference will be an opportunity for multi-stakeholder, institutional, entrepreneurial and scientific exchanges. The conference will allow interdisciplinary discussions between researchers and practitioners of computer science, humanities and social sciences, economics and law. Particular emphasis will be placed on use cases by giving voice to public and private blockchain project developers. For more information: https://en.unesco.org/blockchain-practices-and-perspectives

Paris: May 18

Rong Chen along the with Elastos Orchard Team will be at the Paris community meetup. For more information: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Elastos-France-Open-Source-Meetup/events/261265798/

Useful links:

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