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Weekly Updates|2 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 14 December 2018


While the development team continued full steam ahead on their roadmap milestones, the core leadership met in Silicon Valley to discuss plans for 2019.

Elastos continues to look ahead starting with a meetup with partner ioeX next week and a full update on the DPoS Consensus Mechanism to be published Monday. 

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: 


Community News

The first Elastos SPV mobile wallet for Android has been officially released on GitHub. The wallet has support for DID Sidechain tokens and provides users the ability to create a multi-signature wallet! The wallet is only available through Github at present and will be added to the Play Store in the future.

Watch this video to learn how to install and use the wallet: 


December 8

Feng Han attended a San Jose Meetup where he explained the concept of the Elastos next-generation internet and its path towards realization. Feng Han said that on the current internet, people don’t own their own data, privacy is not protected, and data is allocated as needed, causing internet giants to monopolize personal data. The next-generation internet will allow people to own their own data and for the first time, ownership of data can be confirmed on the blockchain. Data will be come an asset and can become capital which in turn produces individual wealth.

Feng Han also participated in the Xue Ba She San Mei Elastos series live stream, where he shared a speech called “Raising the Flag of Next-Generation Internet Construction.”


Hong Kong – Dec 15-17 

Elastos will sponsor and participate in the 2018 Global Blockchain Developers Conference, which has invited the most valuable and representative developer teams from around the globe. It aims to build a case think tank and interactive development platform for the global blockchain industry to accelerate the advent of blockchain technology. This will also provide a space for the mainstream cryptocurrency community to engage in a technology spree among themselves. For tickets and more information: https://devcon.top/

Taipei – Dec 16


ioeX, Elastos and Cyber Republic are co-hosting a meetup in Taipei with talks from Feng Han (Elastos), Kevin Zhang (Elastos) and Aryan Huang (ioeX). Click Here for more information


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