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Weekly Updates|8 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 15 March 2019


This week the Elastos website got a developer-friendly upgrade and teams page, Rong Chen spoke at Token2049 in Hong Kong, and the core technical teams continued with several updates. 

Let’s recap. 

Technical Dynamics

– The Carrier plugin is working properly on Android, and the related Demo can also run normally;
– iOS development has been completed for Elastos Carrier plugin, to be tested and verified
– Started integrating SPV wallet and DID plugin;
– Stress test of Runtime switching DApps, DApps interaction, etc. The result is normal with no page or memory exception;
– Tested runtime related events of the DApp. There are still some problems to be solved in the corresponding pause and resume events when the DApp is switched;
– DApp Launcher now adds error message box;

– Continuous improvement of IPFS node/cluster Restful HTTP APIs test case set code;
– Continuous improvement of the IPFS Android SDK and interface testing
– Porting the standard IPFS-based FUSE App to the Hive platform. Currently, Linux is working properly and synchronization efficiency needs to be improved;

– Improved support for Carrier offline messaging on Windows, Android and iOS platforms;
– Continuous optimization of the Carrier Native SDK for the launch process of tests/apps, etc.
– Optimization of the static link version of the Carrier iOS SDK;
– Fixed some bugs in iOS and Android SDK;
– Updated the Carrier iOS Remoter sample app and enabled it to support the latest version of the Carrier SDK;
– According to community developer suggestions, try to register the Carrier iOS library as a cocopods public library. iOS developers should be able to use the carrier SDK via pod install to avoid source code compilation;

DPoS consensus
– Abandoned Utility Warehouse, and replaced all projects relying on ELA/utils package;
– Determined the DPoS protocol version, disconnected the node that does not support the DPoS protocol during the handshake;
– Improved white box testing framework, completed routine process testing, and started abnormal testing;
– After the Arbitrator becomes inactive, the recovery policy is changed to resume the transaction by manual sending;
– Arbitrator RPC requests to add Authorization and IP whitelisting capabilities, as well as unit test code writing and testing;

Main chain
– Modified the CLI naming rules to be consistent with the RPC Method, complete the CLI documentation, and fixed the ela-cli bug;
– Added cross-chain transfer freeze address generation;

Token chain
– Completed deployment to the main network;
– Added Token chain detection program: transaction report information, block height is not synchronized, node hangs detection, block height report, node fork detection, block height does not grow;
– Completed the Token blockchain browser test network deployment script, server preparation and deployment online;
– ID chain, Token chain and other sidechain RPC requests to add Authorization and IP whitelisting functions, as well as unit test code writing and testing;

– Refactoring signature logic, also preparing for support for cold wallets;
– Transaction of raw data is increased by base64 compression, minimizing the size of the front-end QR code;
– Allow the same private key to create different multi-sign wallets;
– Updated the checkpoint of the chain parameter;

Android/iOS wallet test
– Super node voting election test

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/03/11/weekly-report-march-11-2019/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, this includes the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

-Elastos’ official website www.elastos.org has been refreshed with a more improved experience and features.

-We have created a structure that groups employees into small teams, or “companies,” who are divided under individual entities. Read more about the Team structure here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-team-structure/

-World’s First Decentralized Blockchain TV ioeX, Quube, and Elastos jointly develop blockchain TV “QuuMoney TV”! ioeX has worked closely with JVC partner ThinkSmart in the sub-brand “Quube”. QuuMoney TV will launch in N. American markets in August 2019.  https://medium.com/ioexnetwork-en/ioex-quube-and-elastos-jointly-develop-tv-with-blockchain-applications-quumoney-tv-slated-for-7fcd0443dba5

March 14

Rong Chen participated in a panel discussion at Token2049 in Hong Kong titled: “The Decentralized Future: Interoperability and Scalabilty.”

Rong and Clarence Liu both attended the conference where they took part in several interviews and met with several projects including a meeting with Top Network CEO, Steve Wei. Their networking also included meetings with several blockchain service providers in the areas of identity, computation, storage and digital assets. These services will form a myriad of options for developers within the Elastos ecosystem. 


Philadelphia: April 06

Feng Han will be a speaker at the second edition of the Penn Blockchain conference 2019 with some of the biggest projects in blockchain. For more information: http://pennblockchain.com/conference2019

Elastos + Top Network

Learn to Build on the Modern Internet with Elastos & TOP Network. These will be developer focused meetups on how to build on the Elastos Ecosystem co-hosted with our partner TOP Network. 


Hanoi – Mar 20 – 6pm to 9pm
Lead Organizer: Henry Nong
Promotion/Marketing: Tong Tung Khanh, Farid Rached
Speakers: Clarence Liu, Noah Wang
Bangkok – Mar 23 – 2pm to 6pm
Lead Organizer: Farid Rached
Promotion/Marketing: Natthanant Patcharasaksakol (Lah), Farid Rached
Speakers: Clarence Liu, Noah Wang

Useful links:

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