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Weekly Updates|10 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 19 October 2018

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.”
-Pablo Picasso

This week Feng Han continued his speaking tour of Elastos, including a panel talk at the Mars Finance Blockchain Summit. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Elastos team members held a joint meetup with ioeX in Taiwan. Together, are going to eliminate the unnecessary on the internet. Elastos continued its forward momentum this week. Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

The React Native framework for creating Elastos DApps is now in development. We welcome everyone to contribute to the framework by visiting https://github.com/cyber-republic/elastos-ReactNative-framework The Elastos testnet is officially open for public use. If you are a developer, you can now view our repositories on GitHub. More information can be found here: http://elanews.net/2018/07/26/elastos-developer-news-testnet-launch/ The following has been published to aid Elastos developers working on the testnet: Testnet coin request address: https://faucet.elastos.org/ Testnet web browser address: https://blockchain-beta.elastos.org/ *Testnet wallet address: https://wallet-beta.elastos.org/ *Please note that this wallet is strictly for the testnet ELA tokens, sending your mainnet ELA to this wallet will result in them being lost forever.

Useful links: A Developer Beginner’s Guide Developer Portal in Cyber Republic Developer Documentation on Github Elastos Smartweb Alpha Elastos Community Elastos Community Global


Community News

Rong Chen remarked on how the new HTC Exodus being called a blockchain phone is misleading Link: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2018/10/htc-exodus-blockchain-misleading.html The Rumor magazine reviewed Elastos in its latest issue: https://tcpmedia.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/The_Rumor_-_October_2018.pdf Rong Chen’s Fireside Chat video from Melbourne was published this week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYHcZFk3Ri8 Rong Chen interviewed on the Youtube channel Crypto Beadles discussing many of his opinions on blockchain and going in depth on Elastos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiDhcSEhR1o

October 12 Starry Media founder and CEO, Weimin Xin, shared the discussion topic, ” How does Elastos DMA decentralized marketing platform promote the landfall of DApps and ecosystem construction?,” in the Elastos Chinese telegram group. What is Elastos decentralized marketing platform DMA? Decentralized digital marketing, abbreviated as DMA, is a decentralized marketing platform based on the Elastos infrastructure. On the platform, each person’s data and digital assets are no longer controlled by a third party.

October 13 Feng Han spoke on the topic of “Value investment in blockchain” on the live show Xue Ba Shi San Mei. When talking about what is the value in the blockchain industry, Feng said when talking about what the valuable blockchain projects all need for success, he summarized four factors: 1. Vision. 2. Leadership 3. Technology 4. Community.

October 16

Elastos and ioeX co hosted a very successful meetup in Taipei. ioeX showcased Smart Speakers, TV boxes, Printers & Brewery machines for attendees to try. These devices were pre installed with Carrier nodes for pure p2p connections. For more information: https://medium.com/@ioex1000x/ioex-x-elastos-joint-meetup-in-taipei-was-rounded-off-perfectly-f9c4ad2fb91f

October 17

Feng Han spoke at the 2018 China-US Innovation Alliance Forum. Virginia State Senator Richard Hayden Black, Regional Manager East Asia Maryland Department of Commerce Felicia Pullman, and International Business Development Manager for Loudoun Economic Development Robert McCollar attended the forum. Feng Han gave a speech about blockchain value investment and the Elastos Smartweb’s trustworthy computing environment, and how the environment could fully support a real DApp. It will become the next real working environment for the blockchain industry in the future.

October 18

Feng Han was in attendance at the Mars Finance Blockchain Summit in New York City Thursday afternoon. Taking time off from his research work in Boston, Feng dropped in on a seven-person panel concerning feasible applications of blockchain technology and challenges relating to scalability and limiting computing power. Responding to an inquiry as to blockchain’s most potent use case, Feng alluded to the individual empowerment of the Elastos platform, noting “The key is to protect the user’s data.” Feng continues to work to provide individuals with economic freedom by redesigning the internet so as to redistribute wealth to individuals by reconnecting them with their economic power – their data.

Events and Meetups


Link: https://www.meetup.com/Elastos-Tokyo-Community/events/254650572/


Link: http://meetu.ps/e/FWsLY/8MjXP/d


Link: http://meetu.ps/e/FXyhv/GSCw4/a


Link: https://www.meetup.com/Elastos-Blockchain-Project-Washington-Meetup/events/255186396/


Link: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/Elastos-Australia/events/pphwjqyxpbtb/

Community Contributions

Crypto Beadles released a video with Rong Chen as a guest TCP Media released the October issue of the Rumour Magazine featuring Elastos 

Community Art Assets

Elastos and Cyber Republic wallpaper designs are now available for desktop and mobile: https://bit.ly/2CwJe8g

Elastos Interview Series

Let’s start with an introduction, tell us about yourself?  My name is Bo Lei. I was born and raised in Inner Mongolia, and I’ve been living in Beijing for 20 years. My background is in Computer Science before I joined Elastos. I got my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, and my graduate degree in Project Management, and I’ve been working on software development since I graduated. My work experience has three phases: The first phase was developing software for archives. Archives had a huge amount of data similar to big data nowadays. The difference was that we did not have the concept of big data, and neither did we have the big data tools that are commonly seen today. I still remember that back then I had so many obstacles when dealing with a large amount of data, and they seemed so easy to tackle when I look back now. The accumulation of social data increases exponentially, and tools that we use to solve data problems keep increasing. I recall that I used to work on an archives project for the Republic of China. We had to collect national archives records for the Republic of China, including relevant archive files from Taiwan, which counted a total of over 10 million records. Facebook daily views are over 100 million these days. You can see how fast we generate data nowadays compared to the past. The second phase was when I joined a foreign company and I was responsible for developing a B2B ecommerce website. 1/3 of the employees were foreigners, and most of them worked in the customer service department. By working there, I experienced some cultural shock, and learned what distributed work was. Our customers were newspapers in foreign countries. My colleagues from the customer service department communicated with customers at night and collected and documented their needs. We developers from the R&D department developed programs to meet customers’ needs. In most cases, we used this approach to sync and accomplish our work. As a matter of fact, the distributed work approach worked pretty well and very efficiently. This experience gave me enough confidence that community centered work at Elastos is the right thing to do. The third phase was when I joined an internet company and I was responsible for managing the whole R&D department. Basically everything was made from scratch – from creating the whole R&D team, organization and development, until delivering final products, the whole life cycle. I’ve learned a lot from working at such a dynamic environment. And it was actually the first time when I started to get to know the real internet business in China. Previously, I could only understand it from technical perspectives, and I didn’t know too much of anything beyond that. Because this internet company was doing the internet marketing business, I learned how to better attract customers, and strategies on how to make customers buy more from merchandizers. How and when did you first get introduced to Elastos? Back in July 2017, when Feng Han was hosting DACA blockchain technology open class, I was in charge of the serial II class. I learned about Elastos through Feng Han and Dinghe Hu. Later Feng and Dinghe asked me if I was interested in working for Elastos. Based on my trust and respect towards those two, and that I participated in Elastos’ private sale, here I am. I didn’t really know the full scope of what a digital asset management role was and what I needed to do for it. What does your job as a digital asset specialist at Elastos entail? There are 5 of us in the accounting department with 3 members in the digital asset group.Pretty much everything related to digital asset falls under my job responsibilities. Every member in the community, as long as they have ELA, they will have something to do with me. It’s because I issued every ELA, including the ecosystem collaboration tokens such as BGX. How does it feel to be working at Elastos and where are you based? Cryptocurrency gives us more freedom. I’ve had the same feeling when working for Elastos. Im based in Beijing but the culture here at Elastos is quite open, and there’s no restricting rules on work hours. Everyone is very motivated. For example, I worked from home from day 1 to day 3 of last Chinese New Year holiday. Before the new year vacation finished, we and other Elastos colleagues already started discussing our work in Elastos wechat groups. How long have you been working with digital assets? One year. Can you tell us about the processes and security measures that you have in place when dealing with digital assets? For security reasons, I can only provide some simple answers.

  1. We use multiple wallets, and each wallet has different purposes. They don’t cross function.
  2. Each wallet is a cold wallet and requires multiple signatures. Private keys were also backed up under a very restrict offline environment.
  3. We run functional tests for each wallet after it’s created (test transfer in and out for a small amount of tokens), and recovery tests (assuming wallet or private keys are lost).

Lastly what do you enjoy in your time off from work? If you ever get a chance… I like sports, such as badminton, football, etc. And I also like to buy bitcoins at cheaper prices.


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