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Weekly Updates|6 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 21 December 2018


This week the technical updates continued to roll in while an update on DPoS and an interview with Kiran Pachhai round out the week for Elastos. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

Elastos Browser:
– The iOS version of Runtime has completed the initial version, which runs the Launcher, perfecting the runtime-related UI/UE definition and design;
– Support DApp runtime switching;

Elastos Storage:
– Completed the IPFS Restful API test case set, writing client interfaces and service related documentation;
– Completed the test service node setup;

Elastos Carrier:
– Synchronized the new features of the Native SDK (Group & FileTransfer) to the iOS SDK and improved the Native/Android SDK test case set;
– Optimized and fixed some FileTransfer bugs based on tests, file transfer sample application using FileTransfer API;

– Completed arbitrator pledge, redemption logic, CLI integrated pledge address generation;
– DPoS arbitrator information persistence and other problem handling, message storage changed to levelDB;
– Deployed 36 cloud services for testing and packet loss through TC analog network;

Mobile wallet:
– Published the first version of Android SPV wallet, collected feedback problems and did some bug fixes; changed package name and optimized multi-sign process, and prepared for release of second version;
– Started work on the iOS version, expected to be completed by the end of the month;

ELA main chain:
– Solved the problem of P2P’s Known Address List and the problem of duplicate addresses in the address list;
– Implemented the main chain CLI import and export private key function;
– Fixed the Notify problem when the SPV module registers multiple listeners;

Token side chain:
– The test group completed the local functional test and started the regtest environment test;
– Set up the Token sidechain blockchain browser, and changed the REST interface to RPC interface;

NEO VM chain:
– Completed automated testing for multi-sign (normal, abnormal) and gas spends;
– Fixed the problem of serializing large numbers of integer data in a virtual machine, and correcting the problem that deleting stored data in a virtual machine does not take effect;
– Increased the SetLogLevel rpc interface;
– Modified OPCallE and checked the Witness virtual machine interface to accommodate both hash160 and hash168 format;

– Richlist upgrade;
– Utility.java now supports the new trading structure, autoTest.java supports the new trading structure, registered candidates and voting transactions;
– Organized the ELA, DID, Token, Neo, and Arbiter API interface documents to ensure that the interfaces between the main sidechains are basically the same;
– Completed Neo, DID, Token RPC, REST interface documentation integration;
– Redeployed test pool services and bitcoin nodes to provide merged mining services for test networks;

Slightly Less Technical Summary

Elastos continues to push forward with more tech updates this week. Elastos Browser for iOS completes its first version of Runtime that includes the launcher app design, while Elastos Carrier introduces new features of the Native SDK (more specifically group feature and file transfer feature) over to the iOS SDK as well. The second release of Elastos SPV Mobile wallet for Android will be published soon along with the iOS version to be released at the end of the month. The Token sidechain blockchain browser that will contain data and transactions occurring in this sidechain was set up. This is similar to how the  main chain blockchain browser works. Last but not least, the interface documentation for the sidechains such as NEO sidechain, DID sidechain and Token sidechain were completed which will make it easier for developers to interact with these sidechains when they are released to the public in the future.

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2018/12/17/weekly-report-dec-17th-2018/

Community News

Elastos Chief Architect, Yipeng Su discusses the Elastos DPoS Consensus Mechanism, Supernodes, and Election. Read about it here: https://news.elastos.org/elastos-dpos-consensus-mechanism-supernodes-and-election/

Kiran (KP) Pachhai was interviewed in CryptoGlobe about Internet 3.0: http://cryptoglobe.com/latest/2018/12/exclusive-elastos-development-manager-explains-how-web-3-0-leverages-blockchain-tech

December 15

Elastos cofounder Feng Han participated in the Elastos series live stream on Xue Ba Shi San Mei to talk about “computational thought and blockchain.”

December 16

Elastos co-founder Feng Han participated in the 2019 Global Blockchain Developers conference, where he shared “Blockchain is expediting the birth of the next-gen internet.” Feng Han expressed that the next core problem to be solved by blockchain is off-chain trust. The way in which all trust on the internet, including the trustful ledger of bitcoin and trustful smart-contracts of Ethereum, will expand to the rest of the internet, will give the internet a trustful computing environment, truly allowing DApps to run. The most fundamental objective is to protect the rights of each person to privacy and data ownership.

The conference invited the most valuable and representative developer teams from all around the world with the goal of establishing a set of case studies as well as a platform conducive to development for the global blockchain industry. This was also a technological celebration for the mainstream cryptocurrency community


Elastos co-founder, Feng Han, participated in a meetup hosted by Elastos, Cyber Republic, and ioeX. Feng Han gave a presentation on how decentralized technologies based on computational thought and blockchain can help credit mechanisms spread to the internet.

“2018 Blockchain Technology University Tour–Beihang University” took place. Elastos blockchain group leader Shunan Yu gave a speech titled “Introduction to Cross-Chain Technology.” During the event, he analyzed the shortcomings of Ethereum, Fabric, Polkadot and Elastos sidechain technology in terms of applicability and scalability enhancement under the premise of decentralization. He also expressed that decentralization is where the real charisma of blockchain lies.


Elastos attended the CB Spark Global Top 100 Institutes of Higher Learning Touring Seminar at Beihang University where Shunan Yu gave a presentation on “Intro to cross-chain technology”


December 22 – Shijiazhuang

An Elastos Meetup will take place in Shijiazhuang. In addition to Elastos co-founder Feng Han, Elastos Hebei ambassador Zhi Pu, BiteTT Director Yu Qing, ELA Chat Director Mingming Liu, Elastos PR Head Hao Cheng will be attending this event.


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