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Elastos Weekly Updates – 22 February 2019


This week the Elastos core team returned from their break and introduced our new “Spotlight Series,” highlighting specific components of our ecosystem with each in-depth piece. 

Let’s recap.

Technical Dynamics

The Elastos team carried out an upgrade on the ELA mainchain nodes, DID sidechain nodes and blockchain browsers

The details of the upgrade are as follows:
1. ELA node supports registration of DPoS supernode candidates and voting for candidates
2. Fix the bug that SPV didn’t handle the connection correctly
3. Fix the bug in the P2P address manager that forwarded invalid addresses.
4. Fix the bug that the node forwarded the SPV node address

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here:

February 18

February 11

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, this includes the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Community News

– Due to personal reasons, Fay Li has decided to leave her positions as Chief Marketing Officer at the Elastos Foundation and Interim Member of the Cyber Republic Council. Fay Li has played an important role in launching the Elastos international community and developing the international team, laying the groundwork for many important milestones. Ms. Li will continue to maintain close ties to the Elastos Foundation and complete special projects on the Foundation’s behalf.

Nominated by the Elastos Foundation, Mr. Feng Zhang will serve as an Interim Member of the Cyber Republic Council in Ms. Li’s place. Mr. Zhang, an early member of the community, is a senior lawyer who is also experienced in blockchain. We look forward to Mr. Zhang’s contributions to the Elastos community.

We thank Ms. Li for the enormous contribution she has made during this period of Elastos’ growth and wish her success in her future endeavors. At this time, the Elastos Foundation is not looking to fill the CMO position, and the responsibilities affiliated with it have been appropriately redistributed amongst team members.

– We are excited to introduce our new “Spotlight Series” aimed at focusing on a different component of our ecosystem with each new article. Our first in the series begins with Trinity which can be found here: https://news.elastos.org/spotlight-series-1-elastos-runtime-aka-trinity-aka-elastos-browser/

– Read the first Q&A of Ask DMA series by Elastos DMA (Decentralized MArketing) : https://medium.com/@elastosdma/ask-dma-series-1-51f03343f13b

Feb 1

Feng Han and Kevin Zhang were invited to The World Bank in Washington DC to give a presentation entitled, “Blockchain, Trusted Computation and The Modern Internet.”

●Elastos cofounder, Feng Han, was on Xue Ba She San Mei livestream class to give a presentation called “Elephant Wallet Should Become The Portal for The Modern Internet,” during which he shared his views on the project wallet experience and his acknowledgement of the wallet.

*Elephant Wallet integrates ecosystem partner services and users, helping traditional internet users seamlessly enter the blockchain space.
*Elephant Wallet supports Elastos ecosystem partner tokens. ELA transfer notes can be recorded on-chain, enabling the recipient to view them directly; when receiving funds, the quantity requested can be filled in, similar to Alipay.
*Elephant Wallet brings together the DID and Red Envelope modules. DID, which is not controlled by any individual or third party, issues completely unique IDs to users, applications, and devices. It can be thought of as an autonomous and secure identification system; the red envelope service operates nimbly through authorized login (content that is authorized by default is the required option for getting a red envelope), allowing users to participate in the red envelope features.


Hong Kong: March 13-14

Rong Chen will be at Token2049  in Hong Kong where he will be on a panel called, “The Decentralized Future: Interoperability and Scalability,” with representatives from Aion, Wanchain, Celer Network, and ICON. For more information: https://www.token2049.com/

Feng Han on Elastos Talk

Feng Han spoke on Elastos Talk. Here is an excerpt:

Today, I will share with everyone “The Basis for Elastos Raising the Flag of The Modern Internet.”

1. My Connection with Elastos 

In 2016, I had a chance meeting with Rong Chen in Shanghai, when we met up to discuss blockchain. At the time, we intended to discuss Ethereum and as he gave me a clear and concise explanation of the shortcomings of the Ethereum architecture design, my first impression was that Rong certainly deserved his reputation as an IT big shot. He said clearly that although Ethereum is a Turing complete global computer, its millions of mining computers recording distributed ledgers is not very efficient. The distributed blockchain has obtained trust by sacrificing efficiency, but running DApps on the blockchain would be very difficult. 

But Elastos is designed so that virtual machines and sandboxing are off-chain, protecting user data and rights through various mechanisms, such as data sandboxing and P2P communication networks, achieving “computation orthogonal to communication.” This ensures that the network is separated from viruses. 

In reality, any app on today’s internet could be a virus. There is no security or privacy which protects trust. In this way, user data is completely exposed on the internet and basically serves large-scale internet giants. At that time, we talked about the how the Elastos protocol can solve the shortcomings of the Ethereum system design by taking trust beyond just the blockchain and expanding it to the entire internet. This suddenly made me so happy, not only for the Elastos enterprise, but also because it inspired new thoughts in me beyond current blockchain technology. What Elastos is doing is solving the basic rights and privileges of netizens from all over the world, which is extremely meaningful, and could even transform the major undertakings of the internet in the future–based on the Smartweb Powered by Blockchain. 


2. Modern Internet’s Global Consensus

At the time, the word “Smartweb” was still a very abstract concept for regular people. How could the benefits of Elastos be embodied and combined with blockchain? At the time, we suggested a Smartweb Powered by Blockchain. This can be directly translated into a “smart browser,” and we worked hard to popularize it after the community was established. The English-speaking community made many videos about the project. Then, in the second half of 2018, Elastos released a video called “The Modern Internet.” I myself have watched this video many times. It explains the concept of Elastos so thoroughly and captures the essence of the Modern Internet so well that I always am inspired by it. I am continually pleased at the strength of the community’s ability to summarize the Elastos concept so well, especially that of the Modern Internet. 

There have been several meetups organized around this new internet. In fact, I was truly gratified by the fact that many world-famous projects want to talk about the Modern Internet. Among those are the “Father of The Internet,” Tim Berners-Lee. He said that he wanted to start his own revolution and pointed out the many problems with the first generation of the internet, whose views were in line with those of Rong Chen.


3. Elastos Taking Responsibility for The Modern Internet

I believe that Elastos should assume responsibility for raising the flag of the Modern Internet. Many problems with the old internet have been exposed, especially things like the scandalous Facebook leak of private user information. Elastos combined with blockchain will be able to solve these problems. Most of you may know that right now I am based in the United States doing research and in December, I returned to China, going to Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hainan Province, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, and Hangzhou to share the concept of the “Modern Internet.”

When I was in Hainan, I happened to meet Jim Rogers, a partner in the Soros Quantum Fund and someone who I truly idolize. He awarded me with the Award for Outstanding Person in Blockchain. We discussed the vision for the Modern Internet and how to give everyone access to their own wealth, about which he had nothing but good things to say. Something else that has made me feel gratified is the progress with Manhattan Project. We recently helped create a partnership between Top Network and Elastos.

Next, I will be wholeheartedly researching industry trends and accumulating more resources with the hopes of expanding the Modern Internet to the whole world. The vision of a Modern Internet which only relies on developers is not enough and solely relying on Elastos is insufficient. In the future the power of blockchain will create the Modern Internet, a closed loop formed of safety and trust, transforming personal data into wealth. And who wouldn’t want that? I hope that Elastos will raise the flag of the Modern Internet and hope to see more reliable teams participating in this together with Elastos, so that everyone can look forward to the day when a great internet arrives. 

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