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Weekly Updates|7 MIN. READ

Elastos Weekly Updates – 26 April 2019


This week, Private Net was updated to support both CRC and elected Supernodes and to provide broad guidance for running a Supernode. Now available on Android and iOS, Elastos Wallet, the official project wallet complete with DPoS election support, has ushered in the eagerly anticipated and ongoing DPoS elections. In addition, the Wharton School used insight from Feng Han in its analysis of blockchain’s future development in the United States and China.

Let’s Recap.

Technical Dynamics

– Fixed some plugin issues caused by Runtime updates and all plugins were updated and passed basic verification;
– Completed plugin test case;
– Improved iOS platform project scripts to automatically add SQLite dependencies;
– Reviewed and programmed adjustment for the new Launcher UI design;

– Updated the Hive software version, located and solved the problem that the original version of Key-Value may not be automatically synchronized between different nodes; currently, the problem of libp2p is derived and amplified;
– Fixed some bugs in the Hive IPFS Native SDK;
– Continued implementation of the Native, Java, and Swift versions of the Hive SDK;
– Started building and writing Hive Native SDK test case sets;

– Continued the automatic test of the Native Carrier offline message function to synchronously verify Hive’s key-value storage, and assist with positioning problems;
– Updated the carrier offline message branch code to solve the problem that the offline message on the Hive test node is not normal, and updated the Android and iOS versions simultaneously;
– The carrier of the Carrier Native Master has been adjusted with the proper directory structure and has started preparing the merge offline message test case set;
– Updated Carrier Android SDK repository to support Android Studio version upgrade;
– Release of Carrier Native SDK-v5.2.4 (the iOS platform release library only contains static libraries, while other platforms include dynamic and static libraries);
– Released the ElastosCarrierSDK.Framework 5.2.4 version, and used the direct link Native static library method to solve the problem that the original Apps can not pass the audit of the CarrierSDK dynamic library;
– Implemented the Carrier AAR (Android Jar) package to the jcenter maven repository, which is convenient for Carrier Apps to use in a dependent manner such as maven/gradle; since AndroidStudio and Gradle upgrades still need to be verified, they will be officially released in the coming days;

Main chain upgrade
– Upgraded the release_v0.3.1 version of the main sidechain node program and fixed the problem that the seed node is full;

DPoS optimization
– Completed the HUB mechanism of the DPoS direct connection network to implement the median time mechanism of the DPoS direct connection network;
– Implemented DNS service for P2P networks;
– Removed the permalink attribute of the SeedList address and added a dedicated Permanent Peers configuration;
– Developed a prevention strategy: When more than 1/3 of the arbitrators do not sign and no blocks are added to the blockchain, they degenerate into 12 CRC nodes;
– Modified the anti-weight strategy to make special transactions such as bad transactions, inactive transactions, etc.; no longer follows the transaction hash, but follows the payload hash;
– Modified the sidechain outbound strategy. After the H2 height, the CRC supernode is responsible for processing the cross-chain logic;
– Updated the ela-cli tool and added –rpcuser –rpcpasword –rpcport configuration item;

DPoS testing and deployment
– Combined DPoS version main sidechain node parameter configuration requirements and supernode construction plan;
– Adjusted the monitoring program to separate several sets of test environment parameters;
– Tested Consensus abnormal process, completed P2P white box test dynamic routing and supplemented with malicious transaction unit test;

Sidechain development
– Ethereum smart contract can already run on the sidechain; added Ethereum address filter transfer function;
– Completed partial node-to-light node push for specific user account certificate;
– Joint access to the Ethereum side chain with the SPV wallet;
– ID chain, Token chain browser deployment preparation;

-The new mobile elastos wallet is officially released, supporting super node election and voting.

Our Private Net has been updated at https://github.com/cyber-republic/elastos-privnet
– Supports both CRC and Elected supernodes
– Rough example showcasing how to run a supernode on private net
– Rough example showing how to vote for a supernode
– Two registered supernodes with some votes already casted
– Updated README with more documentation on the latest changes

Feel free to give it a try and report any issues at https://github.com/cyber-republic/elastos-privnet/issues

Also, a video will be released separately on how to run a supernode locally. Actual configurations may vary depending on your setup.

Cyber Republic

Check out the latest Cyber Republic Weekly Report here: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/04/22/weekly-report-april-22-2019/

Participate in the Cyber Republic forums at https://forum.cyberrepublic.org. All logins are linked to your Cyber Republic login, this includes the forums and, in the future, your Elastos DIDs.

Read Part 1 of Elastos in a Nutshell – A Layman’s Perspective: Peer to Peer Carrier Network – English Version: https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2019/04/25/elastos-in-a-nutshell-a-laymans-perspective-peer-to-peer-carrier-network-part-1/

Community News

– “We need a new internet – a modern internet.” The Wharton School analyzes the role of blockchain in the U.S. and China with key insights from Feng Han. https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/can-u-s-catch-chinas-blockchain-dominance/

– Elastos is featured on “This week in Blockfolio Signal” https://blog.blockfolio.com/this-week-in-blockfolio-signal-april-26th-f787b2d589f4

– The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce that Phase 3 of our six-phase DPoS implementation module is complete and the new Elastos Wallet with supernode election support has been launched.  For more information: https://news.elastos.org/dpos-phase-3-complete-election-and-voting-commence-on-new-elastos-wallet/


California: May 14 & 16

Elastos will be sponsoring and running a booth at the ICS (Information and Computer Science) Week 2019 at UCI (University of California, Irvine). ICS Week attendees are primarily UCI students, particularly those who are ICS majors. The event allows students to connect with other ICS students, and provides opportunities for sponsors to outreach with the ICS student base. Companies will be able to booth at the event where they can take resumes, promote their product, recruit students, or host their own games. More than 700 students attended last year! Link: https://www.icsday.com/

Paris: May 17

Rong Chen has been invited to UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) headquarters in Paris on May 17th to be a speaker at their event, “Blockchain: practices and perspectives.” The event will focus on how blockchain technologies can be used for social good. The conference will be an opportunity for multi-stakeholder, institutional, entrepreneurial and scientific exchanges. The conference will allow interdisciplinary discussions between researchers and practitioners of computer science, humanities and social sciences, economics and law. Particular emphasis will be placed on use cases by giving voice to public and private blockchain project developers. For more information: https://en.unesco.org/blockchain-practices-and-perspectives

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