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Team Updates|2 MIN. READ

Elastos Welcomes Community Manager


For 2019, we are implementing an organized system for dynamic community interaction and communications. In order for us to engage the community and address its concerns in an organized and comprehensive fashion, we are establishing a single point of contact so that all inquiries can be addressed with promptness and consistency. In order to best understand and share open dialogue with our community, we have nominated an additional figure from our community to aid us in our communications. Going forward, Nicola Zimmerman, who many of you already know as @Gandhi13 from our Telegram channel, will be serving as our foremost point of contact for all community inquiries and corresponding responses.

It will be Nicola’s responsibility to collect questions, concerns, and feedback from the community at large and organize it into a series of relevant requests and inquiries. In doing so, Nicola will effectively aggregate and organize community concerns and general sentiment, allowing for a clear channel that can bridge communication between the community and the Foundation. Periodically, we will take the time to address and respond to the inquiries and concerns Nicola has collected, so as to ensure that the members of our community know that their voices are being heard, understood, and addressed directly. As such, in order to allow us to dedicate our full focus to our work, please refrain from contacting the Elastos Foundation or its members directly.

Nicola will also manage the community moderator team, which currently consists of 7 moderators. In association with his moderators, Nicola will work to maintain a respectful environment for critical discussion across our community platforms on Telegram, Reddit, and the Cyber Republic forum. If you have any questions, concerns, or general feedback that you wish to share with our team, please contact Nicola and express yourself respectfully. He will be the point of contact for all community inquiries, and both he and us at the Elastos Foundation will be prompt and thorough in making sure your concerns are addressed. Nicola Zimmerman can be reached at the following addresses:

Telegram: @Gandhi13

Reddit: u/chue-li

CR forum: gandhi

Email: nz@leunet.ch

We look forward to a year of organized communication and progress.


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