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Hive 2.0 Release Announcement


The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce the release of another technical development milestone in the Elastos ecosystem: the launch of Hive 2.0. Building on Hive 1.0, Hive 2.0 leverages a decentralized network of Hive nodes to provision a file storage service where users control where their data is transferred and stored, and application developers and other third parties are kept at bay.

With Hive 2.0, users can now benefit from a powerful line of new features:

Vault Selection: Hive 2.0 allows users to select their own storage location, referred to as a Vault, by the Hive Manager Capsule.

Accessibility: Client-side SDKs make for easy access and rapid Vault storage via either files or database APIs.

Data Sandboxing: Hive 2.0 Sandboxes data corresponding to each application and DID for maximum security.

DID Integration: All Hive Vaults are linked to and accessible exclusively via DIDs, integrating them further into the Elastos ecosystem, and providing a secure system of ownership backed by the hashpower of the Bitcoin blockchain.

User Customization: Access Controls allow data-owning individuals to leverage DID functions to select other users that can read or contribute to his or her data, as well as to specify conditions for which reading and contribution are allowed and disallowed.

Financial Incentives: Increased attention is being dedicated to incentivizing and growing a decentralized community of Hive Nodes by equipping Vault providers with a built-in payment module.

With Hive 2.0 fully live on elastOS, all users are free to dive in and begin exploring and experimenting. For developers looking to integrate Hive 2.0 into their applications, detailed documentation, developer resources, and support groups are available in our full-length Hive 2.0 overview, as well at the links below:

Hive 2.0: An Introduction

Developer Documentation:

1) Hive Java SDK Developer Guidance Document 

2) Hive Swift SDK Developer Guidance Document: 

3) Hive Node Service Deployment Guidance Document

Official Hive Releases:

1) Hive Java SDK 

2) Hive Swift SDK

3) Hive Node as a Backend Service

As always, to remain up to date with all of the newest technologies and releases coming out of the Elastos Foundation, continue to stay tuned here on the official Elastos Foundation Blog.


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Hive 2.0: An Introduction

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