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Tech Announcements|2 MIN. READ

New DID Sidechain Slated to go Live June 18


Development for the new Elastos DID Sidechain is now complete, with a go live date scheduled for June 18. Designed for a superior user experience, the DID Sidechain adopts a DPoS consensus with shorter block confirmation times, allowing for DID transactions with dramatically increased speed and stability.

At launch, the Gelaxy team will migrate all DID data on the existing DID Sidechain to the new DID Sidechain, allowing users to migrate automatically.

After launch, the (previously) existing DID Sidechain will enter maintenance mode, and any newly added DID data will no longer be confirmed or migrated to the new DID Sidechain.

The full migration will be conducted as follows:

1) The new DID Sidechain has already been launched on testnet so as to allow community teams to properly migrate all relevant data and make any necessary adjustments to their dApps.

2) The new DID Sidechain will be launched on June 18, at which point the Gelaxy team will take a snapshot of all DID data on the existing DID Sidechain at 0:00 (Beijing time), and subsequently begin the DID data migration process.

In order to minimize friction during the migration, we kindly request that all users suspend any DID-related operations before 0:00 on June 18 (Beijing time). Otherwise, there may be inconsistencies between the data on the (previously) existing DID Sidechain and the new DID Sidechain.

It should be noted that the existing DID Sidechain uses address rules which are not consistent with those of the new DID Sidechain, and that assets on the current DID Sidechain cannot be migrated to the new DID Sidechain. For this reason, users should withdraw all assets on the existing DID Sidechain back to the main chain. The period to withdraw assets will remain open, indefinitely. 

All development teams are also requested to complete all data and product migrations prior to June 18.

It is anticipated that the upcoming DID data migration will be completed by June 20. Immediately following the conclusion of the DID data migration, the new DID Sidechain will be officially opened to the public.

For all developer teams that will be accessing the new DID Sidechain on test net, the following parameters should be used:

API-URL: https://api-testnet.elastos.io/newid

ChainID: 23


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