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Partnerships|2 MIN. READ

The Elastos Foundation Joins W3C and DIF


The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce that we have joined forces with prominent, industry-leading organizations and individuals in acquiring membership to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF). Through participation in both organizations, Elastos will have access to cutting-edge research, innovative developments, and industry standards relevant to its core technologies and the modern internet it aims to create.

Established in August 2012, the World Wide Web Consortium is an international organization committed to creating standards for an open internet where developer tools, applications, and data storage capabilities function optimally. The organization is also focused on the development of a host of new technologies and standards that will promote greater interoperability throughout the web and across all devices. In joining the W3C, Elastos will join a group of over four hundred internet pioneers, including Apple, The Ethereum Foundation, Google, Ripple, and Samsung. Jingyu Niu, Elastos’ Product Team Lead and Head of Carrier and Runtime development, will represent Elastos on the W3C Advisory Committee to ensure Elastos has first access to technological innovations and strategic partnerships, and to discover new developments in the web space. Jingyu had the following to say about Elastos’ presence in the W3C:

“It has always been Elastos’ mission and vision to build infrastructure for the next generation internet. Our goal in joining the W3C is to promote the development of the Internet and actively participate in the standardization process. Elastos will participate in relevant specification formulation in the fields of decentralized ID, WebApp, and more, while launching our own specification formulation.”

In addition to the W3C, Elastos has joined the Decentralized Identity Foundation, an organization dedicated to the development of standards-based internet ecosystems. Sharing a similar mission with both Elastos’ DID Sidechain and general ethos, DIF focuses on secure systems of identification that employ distributed ledgers and blockchain technology to automate trust. DIF aims to establish a strong foundation for future interoperable identification technologies by pooling together engineering development and talent from adjacent industries. As a member of DIF, Elastos will have the opportunity to join several promising blockchain organizations, like Hyperledger, R3, and Blockchain Foundry, in gaining access to established companies deploying or preparing to employ decentralized identification technologies. On behalf of Elastos, Jingyu Niu will serve as the primary point of contact at DIF.

“The key reason for Elastos joining DIF is to advance the standardization of Elastos DID and enable interaction with other members in the ecosystem,”
- Jingyu Niu.

To accelerate Elastos’ development of the world’s first decentralized internet infrastructure, establishing a strong network of partners and technologies in the web space is pivotal to success. We welcome opportunities and newfound ability to help shape best practices for the next-generation internet with our partners at W3C and DIF, and are looking forward to our collaboration together.

W3C: https://www.w3.org

DIF: https://identity.foundation/



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