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Trinity Native 1.0 Release Announcement


Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce the official release of Trinity Native 1.0, a major technical component of elastOS designed to provide a more versatile development environment. Essentially, Trinity Native enables developers to convert elastOS dApps into native applications that run in Android and iOS.

In order to begin working with Trinity Native, developers will need to be proficient in the following:

  • elastOS (Trinity) dApp development (see: Developer Portal (elastOS);
  • Android Studio (Android) and/or Xcode (iOS) development;
  • Google Play Store (Android) and/or iTunes Store (iOS) publishing processes.


Getting Started is a Breeze

For developers that are prepared to start building, Trinity Native’s packaging makes for a seamless developer experience. Trinity Native not only comes equipped with a Build Script that sets up the development environment automatically, but it downloads Trinity’s runtime together with the elastOS Capsule in a single native package. Simply put, Trinity Native automates almost all rudimentary processes, allowing developers to get to work on what they do best.

Here’s how quickly a developer can get started:

    • First, a developer downloads the Trinity Native Build Script, as explained on the Trinity Native Guide [1 minute], and his or her computer is immediately and automatically set up with all necessary dependencies: Tools, Trinity Repositories, and more. [15 minutes]
    • The developer subsequently runs through a few simple configuration steps to prepare his or her existing elastOS dApp for Trinity Native by modifying the Trinity Native configuration file, app icon, and splash screen. [10 minutes]
    • Then comes a light, native build process. [10 minutes]
    • Finally, the developer can open Android Studio or Xcode and run his application on a mobile device. [2 minutes]
    • Total Time Elapsed: 38 minutes. Not too shabby.


After a short tour through Trinity Native, developers achieve fully compilable and packageable projects ready for Android Studio and Xcode – and all in the time it takes to prepare dinner.

Complete Developer Resources

In addition to the official Elastos Telegram group, developers building on Trinity Native benefit from access to the following support resources:

Want a comprehensive introduction to Trinity Native and all that it has to offer? 

Check out our intro article here: https://news.elastos.org/trinity-native-an-introduction/


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