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Tech Announcements|2 MIN. READ

Trinity Tech Releases Hive Node Upgrade v2.4.1


The Trinity Tech team has successfully completed and released a major update for Hive nodes. In order to fully transition to the newest version, v2.4.1, fully upgrades are required for all existing Hive nodes deployed by the Trinity Tech team at the following URLs:

Hive node’s newly released version contains the following updates:

  • Organized backend APIs for Hive nodes from RPC APIs to RESTful that are more simple and intuitive;
  • Integrated IPFS as an essential Hive node service for storing file data and backing up Vault data.

In order to minimize security risks, the upgrade was completed in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Hive nodes were upgraded with the new updated package;
  • Stage 2: All original data on Hive nodes was synchronized to IPFS nodes, and metadata was incorporated into the database.

The Hive team ensured all upgraded Hive nodes were functioning properly via Essentials and several test cases. The entire upgrade process took approximately 4-8 hours, and took place on Monday, Nov 07, at 1:00 AM UTC.

For the most recent information concerning Elastos’ core development teams and their upcoming tech releases, stay tuned here on the official Elastos Foundation Blog. 


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